Fix! Facebook : You Are Not Eligible To Create A Username

If you have an FB account, and you have to change the username, but you keep getting that annoying, you are not eligible to create a username message; simply acquaint that there is a way around that. In this post, we’ll show you how you can fix this issue and eliminate that annoyance once and for all. We all acquaint that a username permits the FB page to be tagged simply by the Facebook friends and other users.

It also offers the page an outstanding URL address without all the usual pointless numbers connected to the end of it. Everybody would love to have a brand; even the regular FB needs a qualified username. Albeit you can change your username anytime, you desire something you prefer. It’s a common problem on Facebook, so do not worry as it can always be resolved, and that is what we’re about to show you.

Why’s The Facebook Page Username Really Important?

One of the most basic causes for making the FB page username is to make the page visible and simple to tag by the other FB users. It can imply that when you select a username for the Facebook page. FB makes it simpler for anybody on Facebook to locate the page directly or through the search bar.

The major cause you get this error message is that the particular username you selected has is already being utilized by some other Facebook user. Numerous things need to be contemplated; things that make a page competent to have the username. The max length for the FB username is currently fifty characters.

What Are The Reasons Behind The ‘You Are Not Eligible To Create A Username’ Issue?

There’re diverse causes why you’re coming across the ‘you are not eligible to create a username’ issue for the Facebook page.

  • If you have to make a username for the Facebook page, it ought to have at least twenty-five-page likes.
  • It has to have alphanumeric characters.
  • The username is either too long or too short. It has to be at least five characters long and a max of five characters.
  • The username you desire to have has already been taken by some other user.
  • For the usernames on the FB page, you have to be a page admin for making one.

Adding The FB Account As Admin To The Page For Resolving This Issue:

If you desire to make a new username for the FB page, you have to make the account as admin.

Step#1: While on the FB page on the site or app, simply go to the settings of the page.

page setting

Step#2: After that, simply search for the page roles > click on it to launch.

page roles

Step#3: Then, search for the Assign a new Page role option.

page role assign

Step#4: Enter the email address or FB name.


Step#5: On the option next to it, simply change the given role from Editor to Admin > Click on Add.

make admin

Step#6: Once finished, you can now return to the FB account.

Step#7: On the upper corner, simply navigate to Manage Pages.

Step#8: Now, simply click on the page you desire to append a username > choose About.


Step#9: Now, click on create a page @username.

Step#10: Next, enter your username. If it’s accessible, simply click on Create a username.


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