What is Windows10Upgrade Folder and How to Delete It?

Have you ever performed a Windows 10 upgrade manually? If yes, then you might have some leftover data and files known as a Windows10Upgrade folder on local disc C. This might also be true if due to the folder, the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant is using your system drives.

The leftover files will form when you use this process to update Windows 10. This is because the Windows 10 image ESD file will be downloaded into this folder. To clear up some space, users might want to delete the Windows10Upgrade folder from their system. This is what today’s article will delve deeper into!

However, before, we do lets see what the Windows 10 Update Assistant is!

So, what is the Windows 10 Update Assistant?

The Windows 10 Update Assistant is a Microsoft tool that allows you to download and install feature updates on your system. The best part about this tool is that it can also be used if you want to manually download updates. Since waiting for the automatic download can be slow.

Can I delete Windows10Upgrade folder?

Yes, it is possible to delete the Windows10Upgrade folder from your device. If your Windows upgrade process has been accomplished without any issues, then you can safely remove this folder. However, you need to make sure that the system is working properly.

How to delete the Windows10Upgrade folder?

Method #1 : Uninstall the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant tool

If you want to delete the Windows10Upgrade folder, you need to uninstall the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant tool.

  • Press and hold down the Windows and R keys. Then type “control panel” and press enter.

  • click on Programs and Features from the Control Panel.

  • Navigate to Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant.

  • click on it and select the option for Uninstall, The Windows10Upgrade folder will be removed automatically.

There is another method as well.

Method #2 : Remove execution permission

In this method, you will be able to remove the execution permission of the Windows Upgrade Assistant, and doing so will ensure it doesn’t run.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • First, you will start the task manager and find the Windows 10 Update assistant. After this, you can right-click and find the file location.
  • After this, you can select the assistant, and click on Properties to get to Security.
  • Then you will get rid of Execute permission for each user account.
  • The Windows 10 Upgrade folder can then be deleted.

We have now ended this short step-by-step review on how to delete Windows 10 Upgrade folder from your device. This is quite a useful folder however, as we have outlined, you can safely delete it if it is necessary.

With that, we hope our readers have a better understanding of this issue and now using one of the methods above, they can also delete this folder if the need arises.

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