How to Disable or Hide Windows 10 Volume Popup

If you are someone who is all too familiar with the Windows 10 version you will know that when you try increasing or decreasing the volume, a pop up appears on the left hand side of the screen. The pop up is known as

  • volume pop up or
  • volume over lay

and through this you can adjust the volume and see the functioning by pressing the key for the volume on your keyboard.

The volume popup was launched in the Windows 10 versions and prior to it all Windows versions had a normal bar which showed the rise and fall in the volume on the side of the screen and as much as people love new updates in Windows, there are always some good and bad features in each version and for the version of Windows 10 it was the volume pop up bar.

As much as this feature in Windows 10 seem okay when you are performing some tasks the real deal comes when you are using platforms like Spotify, YouTube, or some online media players on your computer system.

If when you are on one of these platforms and you try to adjust the volume, the banner or overlay will appear and hide the whole area behind it and its timing is set for a good 10 seconds or so and it will not disappear no matter how much esc, exit or space bars you press and therefore a lot of people do not like it.

But the thing is it will not disappear before its allotted 10 seconds timing and it can get annoying for people, but since the world is full of techy geniuses someone among the human race figured out how to close that pop up, but before that let us talk about why you should close that overlay?

Why Should You Minimize the Overlay or Volume Pop Up?

As mentioned above that there are some goods and some bad of every new feature, but there are positive and negative reviews to it as well and Windows 10 Volume Popup had the same. While a majority did not like the Windows 10 Volume Popup option there were a few who did not mind it because it does have some goods and beneficial sides to it. So what are these positive sides?

  • Like when you are working on various different tabs on your browser and you do not want to switch between the tabs from the one you are working on to the other on which music is playing you can always press the volume button which will enable the pop up and show you what song is being played in case you do not recognize it.
  • Apart from just adjusting the volume you can play the previous song or the next one by the arrows on the banner. So Windows 10 did have a few positive points when they were making and launching this feature but unfortunately not everyone liked this feature within Windows 10 and it became annoying for the public. Considering Windows had already launched this feature in Windows 10 they stuck with it, but the public found out a way to minimize the display timings of the pop up banner.

How to Reduce or Minimize the Timings of the Volume Pop Up?

Windows 10 Volume PopUp had an appearance timing of around 5 to 10 seconds but in some cases it can appear for more than a minute which can be annoying for users because if you are watching movie and you try to adjust the volume the overlay will stop the movie for a good minute but you can always fix the timings in the Settings on Windows 10. Wondering How? Keep on Reading.

  • Firstly, Press Windows + X button together and click on the Settings option. Then, click on Ease of Access option. Go to the visual options section and find Show Notification for option. In the dropdown menu, choose the 5 seconds option which is the minimum.

  • Now whenever you will try to adjust your volume in Windows 10 the overlay will appear for only 5 seconds.

However, this is not just limited to Windows 10 versions and can be used on any version.


Apart from minimizing the timings of volume pop up when adjusting volume, you can also:

  • Completely remove the banner from your screen display however we will not recommend you doing it because as much as the volume adjustment was annoying you previously, setting the banner display to 5 seconds will work fine and it will quickly remove the pop up on Windows 10 or any other version as well.
  • Removing the banner completely will not give you the accessibility to check what is being played on a different tab while you work on a different tab nor will it allow you to move the audios forward and backward.

If you were having trouble with the Windows 10 Volume Pop Up previously we hope this might have helped you.

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