How You Can Uninstall The Better Discord App

Better discord is actually the Mod version of discord such GB WhatsApp is WhatsApp’s mod version. A Discord version is very much better as it\s having unique and great features. But recently, it’s been established that this BetterDiscord version has been shut down by the company because of a few reasons. But they’re out with the new program recognized as Bandaged Better Discord. This recently created program is also having good and unique features as well as plug-ins of bandaged better discord that’ll assist you out in customizing the site according to the preferences.

As per the surveys and checking, we discovered that better-bandaged discord is amazing, but still, a few individuals desire to uninstall better discord. But there one problem, as with other tools, this Discord isn’t having the uninstall button. There’s no need to be anxious as we’re here with this guide just for you; we’ve provided simple steps that will assist you in knowing how you can delete better discord. If you’re interested in acquainting how to uninstall this app, then have a glance down below:

How’s Better Discord Different From The Discord App?

We all acquaint the benefits of utilizing Discord. Ever since the popularity of the tool touched new heights, there’ve been some users who have desired a more comprehensive version of the same program with numerous features. Better Discord is actually a community-driven tool. There’re creators from all across the globe who have joined up and created a replica of the Discord tool with better features.

With Better Discord, you’ll be capable of expressing yourselves better with more emotes like FrankerFaceZ, BetterTTV, and Twitch. You’ll be capable of managing the program with custom themes and CSS. There’re also numerous new plug-ins that can assist you in chatting and managing your server in an even better manner. The program comprises several display modes, like the minimal mode and a choice for hiding everything except the voice chat. It offers flexibility to all of the users by having as much customization as possible.

There’re numerous themes that you can use in the app. Similar to the original application version, you’ll be capable of installing it on several platforms, like the PC and smartphone. There’re a lot of upgrades that are provided in the online world from time to time. Make certain you’re updated with the newest version of this app for staying updated with the community. Installation is also very simple. You simply need to download the .exe file and install it as per the easy steps.

Why’d You Actually Uninstall Better Discord?

The downfall of BetterDiscord came in equal measures with the beginning of it. That’s because it was just discontinued once the creators came up with a newer Discord version known as Bandaged BetterDiscord. The move has directed to a lot of individuals requesting on how you can uninstall the previous version from the different devices. Fortunately, Bandaged BetterDiscord has unique and new features for customizing the site according to the user’s demands.

Moreover, this app is known to crash on a few devices or not working properly. Therefore, the user might desire to stick to the official version of Discord. As much as installing this tool on the phone could be straightforward, uninstalling it may be a little challenging since it doesn’t have any uninstallation button. If you’re having an issue while deleting the package from the device, you can utilize the steps mentioned here.

How To Uninstall The Better Discord Application?

Better Discord does not actually have the option for uninstalling it once it’s been installed. Therefore, to delete it, we need to take a more unconventional approach. Follow these steps cautiously to uninstall better discord from the system.

Delete The App From AppData:

For uninstalling the Better Discord app completely from your Discord tool, we need to delete it from some of the install sources. For doing so:

  • First of all, hit the Windows + R buttons for launching the Run prompt > enter


    hit Enter.


  • Then, right-click on the folder named Better Discord > choose Delete.
  • Now, launch Run prompt again > enter


    Hit Enter.


  • After that, go to the


  • Remove the folder named Better Discord from the location.
  • Also, go to the ‘


    location > delete the folder named App from there.

  • Open Discord and the Better Discord tool ought to be uninstalled already.

Reinstalling Discord:

In a few cases, utilizing this method will not uninstall the Better Discord app completely from the device. You might desire to reinstall official Discord as a method of deleting the Better Discord app. It’ll clear all your files related to the Better Discord app from the PC. Furthermore, the official Discord tool has the uninstallation button, and you can rapidly delete it at any time you feel you do not require it. For reinstalling Better Discord utilizing this method, follow the below steps.

  • Hit the Windows + I keys for opening preferences.


  • Click Apps alternatives > scroll down to your Discord alternatives.
  • Choose Discord alternative that will launch the Uninstall option. Simply click on Uninstall > follow the on-screen instructions.

uninstall discord

  • Double-click on the available executable button for installing the app.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions for installing the package utilizing a normal procedure.
  • Once the new program is installed, it’ll uninstall the Better Discord app automatically from the device.

Conclusion :

In today’s modern world, everybody is enticed to try new application versions that can get their way in the market. It comprises utilizing the Better Discord tool, a modified Discord messaging service version. However, the main concern is when the program starts to crash your machine. That’s when you’ll meet diverse questions on how you can remove it. Therefore, the best advice is to stick to the official versions of the app because they’re simple to make use of and uninstall in case of some technical problem. However, if the steps mentioned above don’t work, then you need to contact a professional or contact the developers of the app.

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