Fix Netflix Error tvq-st-131

If you ever encounter this Netflix Error tvq-details-menu-100 while trying to open a movie or a show on Netflix, and if it accompanies this message, “We are having trouble accessing this title for you. Please try again later,” then this means that there is some internet connectivity issue that is tampering with your Netflix experience.

This error can be fixed by several measures; however, it depends on the device that you are using for Netflix. While for most devices, the steps to encounter this Netflix Error tvq-details-menu-100 are more or less the same, but for Blu-ray Player, Nintendo Wii, Smart Box, etc., the steps may slightly differ.

For the majority of the devices like Amazon Fire TV/Stick, PlayStation, Xbox, and more, some of the following common methods to counter this problem will work perfectly.

Ways to get rid of the Netflix Error tvq-details-menu-100:

Method #1: Check your Internet Connection:

Since the Netflix Error tvq-details-menu-100 occurs mainly because of internet connectivity issues, this is perhaps the first step that you can take.

All you need to do is:

  • Switch off your device.

  • Switch off and unplug your Wi-Fi router/modem.

  • Now, wait for half a minute at least.

  • Now, plug in your router and modem back and let them catch the signals.

  • Once a stable internet connection has been established, switch on your device again.

Go on and try accessing Netflix now.

Method #2:  Unplug and then Re-Plug your device:

  • First off, unplug your device and remove the power cord from the wall socket to completely finish any kind of electric or power supply running through the device.

  • Keep it unplugged for 1-4 minutes.
  • Now, re-plug it.

  • Switch on your device with the corresponding device remote control.
  • Wait till a stable internet connection has been established.

  • Now, see if your Netflix is working or not.

This should ideally solve your problem and help you get rid of the error.

However, for Blu-ray Players, if you are using a wireless router that connects to your modem, and if the above-mentioned steps do not work, you can choose an alternate method:

  • Switch off your Blu-ray Player.

  • Now, with the help of an Ethernet cable, connect your Blu-ray Player directly to your modem.

  • Switch off and unplug your modem and wait for at least a minute.

  • Re-plug your modem back and switch it on. Let the internet connection get stable.

  • Try accessing Netflix now.

If this direct method of bypassing the router works, it means that the problem is with the router device, not the internet. So, you will have to get it fixed then.

Method # 3: Clear the App data:

If the above-mentioned method does not work, then you should take the following steps:

  • Go to the Home screen of your device.

  • There, go on the Settings menu.

  • There, you will find ‘Applications.’ Click on it.

  • This will open another menu for you. Just select ‘Manage All Installed Applications.’
  • This will open a list of all the applications for you. You have to select ‘Netflix’ out of them all.

  • Once you open this app, you will see the option of ‘Clear Data.’ Select it.

  • After a minute, go back to the Netflix app and sign-in again.

This time, your app is most likely going to start working normally.

Method #4: Improve your Wi-Fi signals:

If you have an internet connection but your signals are weak, or you are at a place that is not close to the router, then you will have to try to improve your Wi-Fi signals by following these steps:

  • If possible, try to move your router to another place where it might catch better signals.

  • All the wireless devices like cordless phones, microwave ovens, etc. hamper and interfere with the Wi-Fi signals. So, try to move them to another area, or try to keep your router in a place where these appliances cannot cause any signal disruption.
  • If you put your router at a higher or elevated plane, that often helps to improve the Wi-Fi signals too. Alternatively, you can use a high desk or the top shelf of a book rack to place your router. This will help to strengthen the signals too.

  • Once your Wi-Fi is stable and the signal strength is all powered-up, try to connect to Netflix again.

Method # 5: Call your Internet Service Provider:

If none of the above-mentioned methods worked for you, then you should:

  • Call your Internet Service Provider and let them check the matter for you.

  • Sometimes, the internet service is down from the backend servers. So, your internet service provider will be able to assess the problem better and will also provide you a solution.

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