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Herbert Xiong Herbert Xiong

Writer/Founder At Tech Meozia

Technology has been in Herbert’s blood since he was a youngster, getting hooked on the free duplicate of SimCity 2000 that came packed with his household’s Windows 95 COMPUTER. He’s followed every Windows release considering that, and he’s proud to state that he’s never ever had a pre-built COMPUTER, favoring to always build his very own.He loves to help anyone who is facing problem on Windows or other tech related platforms.



Williams Barron

Williams Barron


Williams is a customer Technology writer with over 4 years of experience doing what he does best. He likes to clarify just how seemingly-difficult tech items (software and hardware) job, and what to do when they aren’t working correctly.

He creates repairing tutorials, explainers, and also app comparison for Android, iOS, Windows, as well as Mac on Tech Meozia
Williams likes to see himself as a “Specialist Troubleshooter.” He’s constantly ready to invest as much time as he can attempting to decipher why a tech product does not work as it’s designed to.