Fix Service Host Delivery Optimization High Network Usage

The developers at Microsoft are constantly working on the development of their products which include the famous operating system we know as Windows. Windows 10 is the widely used operating system. You will find it in homes, in offices, in schools almost everywhere. The regular updates of windows make it better day by day. The main reason behind the updates is to optimize the windows, make it more user friendly, keep it bug free so that there are no complaints by the user. Sometimes user may face an error of delivery optimization, but that is a common issue which is solvable. We will show you how you can fix the service host delivery optimization problem, but first we will increase your knowledge about what actually is the service host delivery optimization.

What is service host delivery optimization?

It is a client that helps the computer to update the windows using the local and non-local devices with the help of the internet. It takes the data from Microsoft data centers and local devices combines and then completes the update on minimal internet bandwidth, this makes the updates faster and easier to install.

Common issues of Service host delivery optimization

The delivery optimization is a feature which helps to get the updates quickly but some users have complaint that it usually slows their pc down by using a big chunk of the disk. They often are faced with the error of high disk usage. If you are facing the same issue, you can continue reading the article below for the solutions to this problem.

There are many ways in which you can prevent the delivery optimization from causing the high disk usage error during the delivery optimization. Here is how you can fix this issue and make your computer work fast during the delivery optimization process.

Method#1: Turn off the allow download from other Pcs

The first method is to completely turn off the automatic updates. Windows will not automatically download the updates which will fix the high disk usage issue as Microsoft connects multiple devices to make the update downloading and installing time faster.

Here is how you can fix the error:

  • Search for the settings menu from the search bar

  • In the settings menu search for Update and Security

  • In the Windows update settings, choose the advanced options on the right side

  • Click on the delivery optimization settings and disable the allow from other PCs option

This will not allow windows to download the updates from other PCs and will fix the high disk usage issue cause by the services. If you are still facing the host problem. You need to try these other methods to fix the services problem.

Method#2: Disabling automatic updates

Microsoft usually downloads the app updates in the background from the Microsoft store when you are working on your laptop or Pc. This feature is helpful but this can cause the high disk usage error which slows your pc down. If you want to disable the automatic updates, this is how you can do so:

  • Search for the Microsoft store from the search bar

  • In the Microsoft store, go to the settings panel

  • In the settings panel turn off the update apps automatically feature

Now you have disabled automatic Microsoft store updates your error should be fixed, if you still are facing the error you need to check out these other methods to solve your problem.

Method#3: Disable background downloads

Users have complaint facing the service host delivery optimization using the disk storage at the maximum capacity when the window applications are downloading or updating the background. You need to open the Microsoft store and check if there are any pending downloads or updates. If you see any pending downloads or updates, finish them or delete them as soon as possible. This will certainly fix the error and your computer will be back at its original speed. if you still are facing the error you need to check out these other methods to solve your problem.

Method#4: Starting a clean boot up

If the above solutions have failed to work for you, you can try to start your computer with a clean boot. This will help you fix the error and will start your pc without the service host. Here is how to do so:

  • Press Windows + R to open the run box and search for msconfig in the run window.

  • It will open the system configuration settings

  • Change the tab to the services tab and then hide all Microsoft services

  • Then click on disable all and press the apply button

  • Now move to the startup tab and open the task manager.

  • In the task manager select the running services one by one and then click on disable to disable them all.

Restart your computer and this will fix your issue.

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