Fix Samsung TV Not Connecting To Wifi Issue

Samsung is an international South Korean brand, and it’s well-known mostly for the electronic products, which range from Microwaves to Mobile phones, and televisions, etc. The smart television from Samsung is also extremely well-liked for the best-quality screens and connectivity ease. Samsung television offers Wifi connectivity as well for immersing the television in the hi-tech world of today.

However, quite recently, many reports have been coming in of users who can’t connect their television to their Wifi connection. In this guide, we’ll mention a set of fixes that have been tested to resolve the issue for the majority of users. Also, we’ll explain a few reasons because of which the Samsung TV not connecting to wifi issue occurs.

What Causes The Samsung TV Not Connecting To Wifi Problem?

According to our analysis, the reason for this issue is not specific, and it can happen because of numerous reasons. A few of the most notable ones are:

  • General Bug:

There’ve been a lot of reports of some general bug with the Samsung Smart televisions’ software where if the television was switched off through the remote for a duration longer than ten to fifteen minutes, the network settings are then corrupted, and they have to be reset for the connection to function properly.

  • Out-Of-Date Firmware:

If the TV’s firmware is out-of-date and has not been updated to the most recent version, it may not function properly because the TV needs to be updated to the most recent firmware for all its settings to be configured correctly, relying on your region.

  • DNS Settings:

In a few cases, the DNS settings on your television aren’t configured properly and cause a conflict between your router and your television while attempting to connect to your internet. The settings need to be manually changed by the user for their internet to connect properly.

  • Mac Address Block:

Each device that can connect to your Wifi router utilizes the particular address for doing this; at times, that address can easily be blocked from connecting to your Wifi router either by you or by the Internet Service Provider. If that’s the case, your television will not be capable of connecting to the Wi-Fi router any longer unless the ban is removed by your Internet Service Provider.

Methods For Resolving This Issue :

Now that you’ve basic know-how of the nature of the issue, we’ll go on towards the fixes. Here’re a few of methods for resolving this problem. Follow these below-mentioned steps:

Method#1: Rebooting The Samsung Smart Television:

Because of the bug with the Samsung television’s software, if your television is switched off using the remote for more than ten minutes, then your network settings are definitely corrupted. So, by rebooting the Samsung smart television can solve this problem. So, follow these simple steps:

  • First of all, switch on the Samsung smart television > run it for five to ten minutes in a normal manner.
  • After that, simply unplug the wire directly from its power switch in place of switching it off using your remote.

power off

  • Now, wait for a little > reboot it.
  • Then, enter your Wifi password.
  • Now, check if the issue is fixed.

Method#2: Rebooting Internet

It’s also possible that your internet may be coming across certain problems and your Wifi service may not be working properly, or your DNS settings on your router may be blocking your TV from accessing the net. Therefore, in this method, we’ll be totally power-cycling your internet router. For doing that:

  • First, switch off the power to your net router.

restting internet

  • Then, wait for at least ten minutes before switching the power back on.
  • Wait for your router to load your net settings; when the internet access is finally granted, attempt to connect your television to the Wifi and see if the problem persists.

Method#3: Change The Internet Connection

If the TV’s Mac address has been blocked by your internet router, you’ll not be capable of connecting to your Wifi connection provided by the same router. Therefore, in this method, we’ll be checking if that’s really the case. For that:

  • Switch your television on > go to the Wifi Settings menu.
  • Then, grab the mobile > switch on Hotspot.
  • After that, when the name of your hotspot given by your mobile shows up in the accessible connections list, simply connect to that and see if the problem persists.


  • If your television is connected to the hotspot of your mobile correctly, then most likely, the Mac Address of your television is blocked by your internet router.
  • You can simply make contact with the internet service provider for unblocking the Television’s Mac Address.

Method#4: Refresh The DNS Settings

It’s possible that your DNS settings on your TV are triggering conflict with your internet router and stopping you from connecting to your internet. Therefore, in this method, we’ll be initializing the internet settings again.

  • First of all, hit the Menu button from the remote > go to Settings.
  • Now choose Network > Network Settings > click on Start > choose IP Settings.

ip setting

  • After that, choose DNS mode and make certain that the green check is on Manual mode > hit OK.

manual mode

  • Then, simply enter > hit OK.

dns setting

  • Now you’ll get internet access if the issue was with your DNS settings, and you can click the Samsung Smart Hub option for updating the TV automatically and resetting the old programs.

Method#5: Perform The Hard Reboot

In a few cases, you can do a hard restart on the television to resolve the Samsung TV not connecting to wifi problem. For performing a hard reboot, follow these instructions:

  • First of all, get a hold of the remote of your Samsung television and long-press its Power button.

power off

  • After that, simply keep the power button pressed while your television restarts > let it go if when the Samsung logo appears.
  • Check if restarting like this resolves the problem.

Note: If you’re still coming across this issue after attempting to implement all these fixes, it’s possible that it may be a hardware problem and not the software one. Therefore, you’ll have to speak to the Samsung Customer Support Service.

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