How To Fix The Samsung TV Apps Not Working Issue!

Samsung Smart television is one of the most well-liked television products you can locate. As the electronic product with additional program features, technical problems can take place. For instance, the Smart TV has tools such as Netflix, HBO Go, Xfinity, Amazon, and YouTube. You can utilize the tools for watching TV shows and movies.

One or any of such programs can stop working. Numerous factors can explain why Samsung TV apps not working issue appears. The most common problems that trigger the Samsung TV programs not to start are incorrect internet settings or out-of-date software. Fortunately, you can use numerous methods for solving tools on Samsung TV that’s crashing, freezing, and not loading.

Troubleshooting Samsung TV Apps Not Working Problem:

When the Samsung Smart TV programs aren’t opening or connecting to your internet, simply use these solutions:

Method#1: Cold Booting The Samsung Smart TV

Cold booting isn’t the same as turning the television off and on. Switching off will put your television on standby. When you cold reboot, you’re turning off your television and restarting it. It’s the same as rebooting the PC. The benefit is it can fix numerous problems such as app crashing, glitches, freezes, not loading. You can also address several other issues such as menu and pictures problems with a simple restart. You can cold boot the Samsung television in 2 ways.

  • Utilizing The Remote:

A remote provides the simplest method of cold rebooting the TV. You have to hold down the power button until your television turns off and then on. The entire procedure ought to take about 5 seconds.

  • Unplugging Your TV:

If the remote is low on battery, unplug your television for cold rebooting it. In simple words, remove the power cable from its wall outlet or surge protector. Wait for about forty secs and plug it back in. You ought to wait for the other devices, such as the router, to also power up before testing different functions on your television.

Method#2: Fix Applications That Aren’t Showing In The Smart Hub

The Smart Hub is the place where all the programs live. It’s also recognized as the Samsung applications store. If Samsung Smart TV programs aren’t accessible or aren’t showing in the Smart Hub, the below steps will resolve the problem. Change your current country code to a diverse one.

  • Hit Smart Hub on the remote control for loading it.

  • Once it loads, hit 2, 8, 9. The numbers might differ depending on the device series.

  • Choose any country under your Internet Service location and then agree to the terms and conditions > continue.

  • Permit Smart Hub App for updating based on the country you’ve chosen. The option will permit new tools to fill your Smart Menus.

  • After it updates, simply change back to the country code you had earlier.

Smart Hub will update once more. Once it does, open the programs that weren’t showing.

Method#3: Updating The Software Of Your Samsung TV 

You have to update the programs to resolve the app glitches and freezes. If the tool isn’t compatible with the current program, it’ll reason issues. For updating, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to Menu on the remote control > choose Support.

  • Choose Software Updates > hit Enter.

Not all Samsung televisions are simple to update. If the device is from the series of2012, updates might not be accessible. Or, the directions might not be compatible with the present ones. As such, you’ll need to update your device utilizing the USB-Stick manually. Go to Samsung Support and enter the television model for more directions.

Method#4: Resetting Your Specific Application

One program could be triggering the whole issue. The case is valid for the majority of streaming programs. Contemplate YouTube, for instance. All 2012 and former television models have the YouTube Flash tool. When this tool became obsolete, Google got rid of the program. That denotes you can’t utilize it anymore. The newest models come with the YouTube application programmed in HTML5. The M models of Samsung make use of HTML5 as the main development platform for the Smart television tools. For resetting the tool that’s causing issues on the Samsung television, follow these simple steps:

  • First of all, navigate to Smart Hub > choose Samsung Apps.

  • Search for the particular program causing issues > choose the app.

  • Remove and install the app again > hit the arrow key above the App icon. A small menu will appear with the delete option.

After installing it again, reboot the Samsung Smart television and open the tool.

Method#5: Checking The Internet Connection

In most cases, the programs that don’t seem to work on your Samsung television are the streaming tools. Apps such as Amazon, YouTube, and Netflix are notorious. A few of such apps just work well if you’ve a stable network connection. If the Smart television plays the content in 4K Ultra, you’ll require a high-speed connection.

For resolving the issue, contemplate utilizing the LAN connection or cable in place of a wireless or WLAN connection. The wireless network connections are more prone to issues. The connections can also get affected by numerous things compared to the cable ones. On the other hand, contemplate upgrading the internet plan to some higher speed.

Method#6: Resetting Your Smart Hub

When you simply reset the Smart Hub, you’ll be deleting all programs. That denotes you’ll have to download and install the Samsung TV programs again one by one. It can also help if you cannot download them. While the solution helps most of the time, you ought to just utilize it as a final resort if the above methods fail. For completing this reset, do the following:

  • First, exit the Smart Hub > choose Menu > Smart Hub on the remote.

  • Navigate to Smart Hub Reset. You’ll get a warning message informing you that the option will delete all programs.

  • Enter the PIN if asked. 0000 is the default PIN. If that does not help, contact Samsung for assistance.

  • After that, return to Smart Hub and download the programs that weren’t working before.

  • Install the program again and wait for the setup to finish. If your Samsung television application store isn’t working, resetting and permitting it to update itself ought to resolve the issue.


Hopefully, this article has shown you how you can solve the issue you’ve been facing with your apps. If you face Samsung TV apps not working problem, contemplate updating the television’s software. You can also remove and download the tool again. The final resort ought to be a complete resetting of your smart hub.

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