Fix The Roku Error Code 003

The Roku device is one of the amazing streaming players that can play up to Ultra HD 4K content at a budget-friendly cost. You can enjoy seeing YouTube, Netflix, or any other online content by just plugging your device into the television. Although utilizing this device is as easy as plug & play, there’re cases when the Roku error code 003 will emerge, and that’s what we’ll be discussing today.

What Are The Reasons For The Roku Error Code 003?

The error code 003 does not allow you to update Roku and frequently has to do with your internet connection on with the wireless router. In detail, a few of the causes why this issue may emerge are:

  • The device is undergoing server issues at the backend. It’s been extremely common in the past.
  • There’s an issue with the network security protocols. It ought not to be the case ideally because the security protocols are something in which no device has problems. But sadly, Roku isn’t fond of AES protocol.
  • The device isn’t updated to the newest version. Roku team launches numerous updates over a time span to either append new features or get rid of problems.

Before you go on to implement the fixes, make certain that you’ve a great internet connection accessible, which is without the limit of any firewalls or proxies.

Method To Resolve The Error Code 003 Roku Problem:

Method#1: Power Cycle The Roku Device & Router

A bad network connection may be the backbone of this error that can stop you from updating the Roku device. So, the most competent approach to troubleshoot this issue is to power cycle your Roku device and the router properly simply. Follow these steps illustrated down below and check if the issue is terminated.

  • Take the plug of the router out of its socket and wait for a few minutes.
  • Change the router’s location and move your other wireless devices connected to your router somewhere away from it so that it might get better signal strength. Make certain to keep the Roku device close to your router.
  • While the router is still power cut, take the Roku device’s power adapter out of its socket and shut it down.
  • Insert the plug of the router back into its socket and reboot it.
  • When your router gives full signals, power on the Roku device by simply inserting the power adapter back into its socket.

Method#2: Change The Network Security Protocol

Roku isn’t really fond of the AES protocols implemented in your network security. There’re numerous cases where Roku refused to connect/update just because of the protocol type utilized in a network. We can attempt to change the protocol and check if this resolves the problem. Make certain that you change the security settings of the network at your own risk.

  • Open the settings of the router > open the IP address settings. This address is frequently found at the rear of your router or is shown in the documentation. It will be something like
  • Once in the settings menu, go to Security or Wireless and make certain that the security mode isn’t set as the AES at all. It can actually be WPAK2-PSK (TKIP).


  • After changing a security way, you can attempt to connect from the Roku to the network with some new settings applied. Check if the problem is gone.

Method#3: Make Use Of The Wired Connection

If you still cannot resolve this issue after power cycling the router and your Roku device, then there’s a chance that the Roku device may not be getting good signal strength of the local internet connection through Wifi. If that’s the case, then you ought to switch to your wired connection by simply connecting the Roku device directly to your router with the help of your Ethernet cable; after doing that, see if the issue is removed.

Method#4: Switching To A Different Network

At times the router settings are configured in a different way that stops you from updating the Roku. If you still cannot remove this problem after switching to the wired network and tweaking the security settings of the router, then there’s a chance that there may be a problem with the local network. So, to fix this problem, try to switch to some other network and see if the issue persists.

You can connect the Roku to some other local network, if accessible, in the house. If you’ve only one network accessible, then try to make a hotspot of the smartphone data and connect the device to the smartphone internet. If that does not assist, then simply try to implement this fix after changing the internet connection’s password. Make certain you’re entering the Password and SSID of your network correctly.

Method#5: Updating The Roku Device Manually

This problem can also appear if you’re not capable of connecting to numerous channels through the internet connection. If that’s the case, update the Roku program manually and check if the issue still persists. Follow these steps for carrying this task out:

  • First of all, hit the Home button from your Roku remote control until you see the Roku menu on your screen.
  • Now, go to the Settings menu > hit the Right-arrow button from your remote control.
  • Then, go to System > choose System update.
  • After that, manually check for the updates and install them, if any available, by simply choosing Check now.
  • Roku will scan for the new updates and scan those updates first if they’re accessible.

Method#6: Contact The Customer Support Service Center

If none of the fixes mentioned above work, then the final option you’re really left with is getting in contact with the customer support service center of Roku and asking them for their assistance in resolving this Roku error code 003. All you need to do is to navigate to the Customer Support site and answer some questions that are given on your screen. After you’ve answered all of these questions properly, the customer support service of Roku will give you a fix that will most probably resolve the problem, and if you still cannot remove this issue, you can email the customer support service of Roku and wait for a reply after properly explaining the issue to them.

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