Fix PS4 Controller Won’t Charge With USB

Are you a PlayStation 4 users who are worried about the issues with his or her favorite PS4? It is a fact that PlayStation 4 is the most frequently used gaming device be it a gaming console or other popular video game discs.

The hype and repute of PS4 cannot be diminished, but this immensely popular gaming board is not free from bugs and issues that frequently hamper its workings. One of these common issues is the one affecting the charging of the PS4 Controller.

Dualshock Controller not Charging?

It is commonly complained by many users that the Dualshock controller, a USB Charger for charging the Play Station 4, has shown many problems with charging. There may be more than one cause underlying this problem such as a faulty power cord or defaulted charging port of the controller.

If the charge is interrupted due to a messy port or faulty charging cord then cleaning the USB port or using the new cable for charging can solve the issues.

Why Ps4 Controller Won’t Charge With USB

PS4 charging controller is commonly accustomed to stop charging using the USB.  And the common causes leading to this problem are either the controller not properly connected with the cable and USB port or the PS not properly syncing.

If the charging is stopped due to the faulty controller it could be confirmed by connecting the same charging cable with a smartphone device. If the mobile phone is properly charges but the controller doesn’t start charging then the problem might not be with the charging cable.

The second common cause could be an issue with the syncing whereby the controller keeps on losing the sync with the PS4.

What to do if PS4 Controller is not Charging?

After confirming the reason behind the issue you can choose the corrective measures to fix the issue of the Controller won’t charge with USB.  That is to say that if the cable used to charge is not working then you may need to change the cable or clean the USB port to remove any dust particles blocking the connectivity port.

Checking PS4 Controller charging port

The foremost thing that you need to do to fix your issue is to check the charging port of the PS4 controller. This could be done by connecting the same port with another charging cable. If the port is faulty then the new cable won’t be able to start the charge.

Checking PS4 Controller charging cord

If the new cable has initiated the charge then the problem could be with the cable. So, after ensuring the working of the USB Port it is time to check the power cord by inserting it in a new USB socket to charge any smartphone device.

Cleaning PS4 Controller charge Cord and Port

Now that you have confirmed your cause, it is time to take corrective steps to resolve the issue. This starts by cleaning the port and cable.

  • If the charging cable is entangled and not properly making a connection with the PS4 then you have to straighten the power cord

  • After that, it is time to clean the USB port to remove any dust particles that may have blocked the peripherals of the USB connection. Removing the dust and debris most commonly removes the fault and starts the charging normally.

Charge controller replacement

If you have taken all repair steps and no progress have seen then there is a strong chance that PS4 Controller or the DualShock charger has been damaged internally. So, it is necessary to replace the controller with a new one. Furthermore, you may also have to buy a micro cleaning brush and micro cloth for cleaning the charging port and cable.

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