Fix Ps2 Slim Disc Not Spinning

PS2 Slim is a device that allows people to play games in. this device is very popular in the gaming community and many people enjoy to play game on this device. But, many people that own play station are facing the issue that the disc slip of the play station is not working. There could be many reasons due to which the issue can occur. Few of the issues due to which this problem with the disc not spinning in the PS2. Due to the slim disc not spinning in the PS2 slim the PS2 can’t read the disc because of which you can’t play your games as the software of the game is not read by the PS2.

This can be due to some hardware issue in the PS2 slim or in the disc system of the PS2 slim due to which the disc is not spinning in the PS2. This causes problems for the user to play games in the PS2 or just usually use the PS2 in general.

Issues With PS2 Slim Disc Not Spinning:

This issue is faced by many people owning the PS2 slim and there are many reasons and you can find the solutions as well.

Look for the issue that are mentioned below for the disc not spinning in PS2 slim.

  • First of all, you can check if the laser present are working or not. If the laser moves when the lid id closed then the disc is spinning but if the laser is not moving when the lid is closed then it can be that the two switches that detect the disc when the lid is closed are damaged. One of the switches is at the back side of the system is the middle is the one that is commonly known to cause this problem.

To solve this problem, you might want to solder wires from ne side to the other side this might work to resolve the laser issue and then the disc might start spinning again.

  • Second reason due to which the disc might have stopped spinning is due to the ribbon cable in the spinning disc part. The damage of the ribbon cable for the motor that spins the disc might be the reason that the disc is not working.

Ps2 Slim Disc

So, fixing the ribbon cable will help you to start the disc to spin again and your problem will be solved.

  • Thirdly if everything seems to work perfectly but still if the disc does not spin then try to replace the disc with the CD. If the PS2 slim reads the CD then you might want to check the internal hardware of the disc system and check the laser part as it is not able to detect the disc but is able to detect the easier version of the media that is the DVD player or the CD that is spinning in the disc location.
  • You might even want to consider checking the disc that is inserted in the PS2 slim. There might be some sort of breakage in the disc. This can cause the PS2 slim in reading the disc but yet the disc will spin.

Therefore, if you see any small breaks in the disc this can be a reason for the issue of the PS2 slim disc not working properly.

  • One more reason due to which the disc might not be spinning if the motor present in the system that is responsible for the moving of the laser and the spinning of the disc is broken. This will cause the disc to enter the system but if the laser is not reading the disc due to the motor breakage then the disc will also not spin. This causes the PS2 slim disc not spinning and therefore you will not be able to play the games on PS2 slim.

You can get the motor repaired from the shops and then the disc will easily spin and laser will also start reading the disc.

Bottom Line:

The disc is not spinning in the PS2 slim issue is very common in the users of the PS2 slim. This causes the users not to play the games and do there work on the PS2 slim. This issue can be due to many reasons few of them are mentioned above. Most of the problem occurs in the hardware of the disc system. Sometimes the laser does not work or the disc is broken or sometimes the motor that is responsible for the spinning of the disc causes problem. All of these are the hardware issues. But sometimes the disc itself is not compatible causing some software issue or the PS2 slim cant read the disc even though the hardware od the system is perfectly working. Any one of the issues that are mentioned above can be a reason du to which the problem of the PS2 slim disc not spinning can occur and hence causing a hurdle in playing the games or using the PS2 in general.

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