Facing ? Program Too Big to Fit in Memory Fix Now

While installing a file on your windows you might have gone through the issue of Program too big to fit in memory. This error is caused by a few different reasons. Program too big to fit can be solved with a few configurational settings on the windows. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to fix the program too big to fit in error. 

Solutions to Program too big to fit in memory

You often might get to see the error of program too big to fit in memory, there could be many reasons behind this particular error. Some being your partition not being compatible, or maybe you have a pending bios update or maybe the software is buggy and does not support the windows you are working on. 

Here are a few problems and their solutions on windows:

Method #1: Partition is Incompatible

This error occurs when you try to install a windows on a incompatible partition. Not all windows support all of the partitions. The new ones such as Windows 10 runs perfectly on NTFS partitions while older versions of the windows require different partition types. MS-DOS only works on Fat12 or FAT16 partition, if you try to install it on any other partition it will crash and give you the error of program too big to fit in memory. Windows 95 and Windows NT both can be only installed on a FAT16 partition, however windows NT can be installed on an NTF partition. To fix this error on windows you need too:

  • Before installing any application or windows check if the partition is compatible or not
  • If the partition is not compatible, format the partition according to the required partition type.
  • Install your windows after fixing the partition

If you still are not able to fix the memory issue on your windows while installing a program. Refer to the next solution. 

Method #2: Update your BIOS

Usually, an outdate bios can be the cause behind the memory issues on your windows. As the bios is outdated and the program or windows you are trying to install is new so there is a conflict between both the program which then leads to the memory error. 

To resolve this error, you need too:

  • Download the bios update from the laptop manufacturers website
  • After downloading the bios update from the manufacturer’s website, install the update

  • After updating the BIOS, the memory error should be fixed. 

If you are still facing the memory error on your windows system, refer to the next solution

Method #3: Fixing the autoxec.bat error 

If you are facing the error of too big to fit in to memory while starting your windows, there is a high chance that the autoexec.bat file or the config.sys file is behind the error. If you are using Windows 3.x, windows 95 or Windows 98, you might check the em386.exe file and see if they are being loaded or not. If not then tryp to temporarily mark or remove any unnecessary lines form the autoexec.bat and config system file. 

For windows 95 and windows 98 users, you can use these steps to temporarily rename the file: 

  • Click on Start, then select the settings, from the setting menu select Shutdown, and then click restart to restart the computer in MS-DOS mode.
  • When the MS-DOS prompt opens , type this command: 
    • “cd\ <press Enter>” 

ren autoexec.bat autoexec.ch <press Enter>

ren config.sys config.ch <press Enter>

  • Once you have renamed the files that are mentioned, restart your computer to see if the error is fixed or not. 

If you are still facing the memory error on your windows system, refer to the next solution

Method #4: Scanning your PC using an antivirus

The error of “Program too big to fit in to memory” can be caused by a virus or a malware downloaded through a random website or through a usb device. Sometimes the malwares or viruses rewrite certain scripts of the windows which can result it memory errors, unexpected shutdowns, program not being installed and many more. 

To fix the problem of memory you can follow these steps:

  • Install a anti virus or antimalware software
  • Make sure you have installed the premium version of the program as most of the free versions are not capable enough for a deep scan and eliminate all the viruses or malwares in your system
  • Run the antimalware or antivirus program on your windows system and wait for it to complete a deep scan.

  • It will identify the malwares and viruses if there any present and then will start to clean them
  • Once it has cleaned all the malwares and viruses, restart your computer 


Now check and see if the error has been fixed or not. If the error still exists, you need to try another solution.

Method #5: Software incompatibility issue

Sometimes there is a compatibility issue between the software and the windows. Not all software are compatible with every windows. You need to check if the software you are trying to install is compatible with the windows you are installing or is not compatible. If it is not finding a compatible software and install it. You will definitely not face the memory error if there is no compatibility issue between the two, the software and the windows. 

Method #6: Update windows. 

If you are still facing the Program too big to fit in to memory, you need to update your windows. As an updated window will be compatible with the software you are trying to install. Usually the software is updated and the outdated windows have a conflict so it is suggested to upgrade the window to fix the problem. If the error still exists, try contacting your manufacturers help line to further solve the issue of memory


Hopefully your Program too big to fit in to memory error should be resolved by now. If the problem is still there then you need to contact the manufacturer and talk to their helpline to get your problem solved.

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