How Can You Play MOV Files On Windows 10 ?

Watching different videos is an enjoyable activity individuals do. But, not all of the video files are simply watched on a PC, particularly when you don’t have the correct codec or player for it. Let’s take MOV files for an example. Since it’s the Apple QuickTime container for the MPEG 4 format, it’ll take a little effort to play it on Windows. The majority of users can’t play mov on windows 10 computer because they don’t have the correct player or does not have the required codecs installed.

What’s The MOV File?

Movies and videos are frequently saved onto the hard disk drive in the .mov format. You will know this from the .MOV extension with the file’s name. The format was made by Apple and is actually compatible with both Mac and Windows if you make use of the QuickTime player. The QuickTime player comes with the packaged of macOS and can easily be downloaded for free on any Windows system.

Although the mov files can easily be run on Windows using QuickTime, they can’t be run utilizing the Windows Media Player (with the exemption of Win Media Player v12). Also, DRM (Digital Rights Management) will trigger issues for the video players streaming pirated or copyrighted content. Now we show you the different methods for opening or playing the mov file on a Windows 10 system.

Different Ways You Can Use To Play MOV On Windows 10:

If you find the MOV file in the Windows 10 PC, there’re diverse methods on how you can really play it. Just opening your file will not permit you to play your video. You’ll have to download and install the video players.

Way#1: Utilizing The QuickTime Player

Download The QuickTime Player:

As a user of the Windows system, you can easily download the QuickTime player online from the Apple website. However, remember that as of 2016, Apple does not support QuickTime for the Windows PC. It’ll not get any updates, which denotes you will be running the older version that is vulnerable to the different security exploits.

  • First of all, go to the apple site > search for the app and click on the Download button.


  • Then, click on Save File > click Save when the pop-up opens.

save file

  • Open the download folder on the PC (or from the browser) > open your file you desire to download.

save file folder

  • Once that installer opens, simply click on Next.
  • Accept its license agreement and click install.


Utilizing QuickTime:

  • Locate the file you want to open > right-click on it and choose Open with > choose QuickTime Player. That is it! Or locate the QuickTime Player in your Windows search bar > double-click on the app.

quick time

  • Once the app launches, click on File > Open File.

open file

  • Locate the file you desire to open > open it.

Way#2: Playing With The VLC Media Player

This media player is really the go-to player for almost anything comprising the MOV files. It can play the majority of video file formats and is really compatible with the Windows 10 PC.

  • If you do not have this media player, simply download and install it on the PC.
  • Open the player > click on the Media option from the top bar.
  • Choose Open File > select the MOV file you want.

Way#3: Utilizing The Windows Media Player

Another method is to make use of Microsoft’s incorporated Windows Media Player. It’s actually the default player for the Windows systems, and luckily, it can also support the MOV files. However, you’ll have to make certain that the Windows Media Player is presently at the 12.0 or the higher version. Only such versions can support and play your preferred MOV video files.

  • For checking the existing version, open the Windows Media Player.
  • Then, right-click on the top bar, or simply hit the Alt button from your keyboard.
  • Choose Help > click on the About Windows Media Player option.

about windows media player

  • Now, simply check the existing version. If it falls below version 12.0, you’ll have to install the most recent version first before playing any mov file.

latest version

  • For playing your mov video file, simply right-click on the video file > choose the Open with option.

open with

  • Select the Windows Media Player, and it’ll play the video.

Way#4: Converting The MOV File To Some Other File Format

You can decide to open your file utilizing some other video player as well. For doing that, it has to be in the right format. You can change the format of the mov file to some compatible .mp4 or .wav file by simply utilizing a conversion program such as Wondershare Video Converter.

  • First of all, navigate to any trustworthy site and download the Wondershare application from there. Then open the downloaded file and hit Install.
  • Click on Start now > follow the installation procedure.
  • Now that the application is installed and open on the computer, simply click on the Add Files option from the top corner > search for the file you want actually to convert in a pop-up Win Explorer window. Once you locate the file, click on Open.

add file

  • Make sure that the right format is chosen from the upper corner > click on Convert all.

The Bottom Line:

The MOV video file is not exactly the universal format. In recent times, though, the modern Win PCs come with the Windows Media Player version 12, which ought to permit you to watch the .mov video files anyway. In case you have the .mov video file you cannot play it, you can follow one of the ways mentioned above to play mov on windows.

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