Here’s How You Can Fix The P dev320 Issue!

Hulu is one of the amazing streaming services accessible these days. But just like any other streaming service, it’s prone to different issues. An issue can appear anytime when watching an episode, a movie, or when streaming some live event. One issue a lot of users have encountered is the Hulu p dev320 error code. The issue can take place on a lot of devices, comprising iPhone, Roku, and Xbox One. But what does this problem denote on Hulu? According to Hulu, the issue might occasionally appear when there’s a problem on its end. In other situations, you might encounter it because of the network problem.

Causes Of The p dev320 HULU Error Code:

There may be a lot of causes for this issue; a few of them are stated here:

  • An out-of-date version of the Hulu app
  • Temporary files and different data interfering with the functioning of the Hulu application
  • The slow internet speed

  • A faulty network connection

  • A problem from the Hulu app’s end

  • Streaming Hulu on some unsupported device

There’re other issues such as P-DEV322 and P-DEV318 with similar reasons of happening while streaming content on HULU.

How Can You Resolve This Hulu Error Code?

For resolving this issue, follow the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps. If Hulu still does not work by the time the users get to the end, the issue is possibly something that Hulu will need to resolve. You can call the Hulu consumer service for some additional info, but they’re almost certainly already working on the solution.

Fix#1: Try Hulu On Some Alternate Device

On some other chance that you’ve more than a device that’s able to play Hulu, at this point, give it a try on some alternate one. For example, confirm whether it takes a try at the phone on the off chance that you’re seeing it on the computer, or give it a try on the Xbox One if you’re seeing it on your Nintendo Switch. If Hulu away at the diverse devices, at that point, suspect a problem with the primary device, for instance, an outdated app or web connectivity problem.


Fix#2: Making Sure That The Hulu Application And The Device Are Up-To-Date

A lot of issues are triggered by out-of-date programs. So check for the accessible updates in the app store or the settings menu of your device.


Fix#3: Clearing Data & Cache

When you make use of the Hulu program, it saves some temporary files and data on the device. That can assist with the overall performance of the application. Over time, these cached files can get corrupted, hence causing streaming issues. You have to remove such files to stabilize the performance of the app. Here’s how you can clear Hulu cache on diverse devices:

Apple TV

For the Apple TV, you have to uninstall and install the app again. That’s the only method of clearing the cached data on your device.

iPad & iPhone:

  • First of all, navigate to Settings > go to General > open Storage > choose Hulu.

  • Remove and uninstall your application.

  • Next, download the Hulu app and install it and then try again.

Android TV, Tablet & Phone:

  • First of all, navigate to Settings > open Apps (Applications for TV).

  • After that, choose Hulu > go to Storage.
  • Next, tap on Clear Cache > Clear Data.

Xbox One:

  • First, navigate to Menu > choose My Games & Apps.
  • Select Apps > highlight Hulu > hit Menu from the controller.
  • Next, choose Manage Apps > clear Saved Data.

Once you remove the corrupted files, it’ll assist you in improving the performance of your app.

Fix#4: Internet Connectivity

As stated earlier, an out-of-order internet connection or an internet service with a limited speed can be the cause of this Hulu error code, and the Hulu Rununk13 error is also triggered by the internet connection. So, the fix here will be to see the internet connection. If the internet services are functioning but this Hulu error code is still halting the app’s functioning, then simply perform the speed test.

  • First, remove all of the other devices that are connected to the home network.

  • Then, close all the background tools on the device.

  • Next, connect the device to your router utilizing the Ethernet cable.

  • Now, place your router near the device.


The following speeds are required for watching or streaming properly on the HULU app.

  • Up to eight Mbps for the live streaming

  • Up to three Mbps for episodes and movies

  • And, more than twelve Mbps is required for the 4K content

With the low internet speed, you can also see everything, but the quality of the video will decrease.

Fix#5: Checking The Other Online Streaming Services

Using similar devices that are affected by this error code, try some other online streaming services such as Netflix. On the off chance that some other streaming service also produces this error code, it’s proof that the device has a connectivity problem. You might have to refresh the device, reboot it, or fix the connection with the web.

Fix#6: Performing A Power Cycle

Now, we’ll tell you how you can easily power-cycle the device for troubleshooting this Hulu issue without much effort. Also recognized as the off-on test, this fix has shown to work wonderfully for a lot of Hulu users. Let’s see what all has to be accomplished for power-cycling the device.

  • The basic step is to switch off the device.

  • Then switch off the router and modem.

  • Now, wait for a little while before you switch on your devices.

  • The final step is to open Hulu and watch the shows you desire to.

Fix#7: Wait For Hulu

As stated above, this error on Xbox One or any other device can appear when there’s some problem on Hulu’s side. In such a case, you ought to wait until they resolve the issue. The company, more often than not, communicates such methods through social media pages. You can also contact them for more info.


Hulu, being a well-known app, has to maintain its excellence in the market. A few issues such as p dev320 may just hamper the image and direct to fewer subscriptions in the future. When you come across this Hulu problem, check the internet connection and make sure that you have the minimum speed of three Mbps. Also, exit the program completely so that you can close all the tools running in the background. If the steps mentioned above don’t work, then get in touch with the support team of Hulu.

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