How to Fix Netflix Error Code NW-8-17 !

Netflix is a guilty pleasure for many of us, but sometimes it shows several kinds of errors.

NW-8-17 is a very commonly occurring error and it should not worry you a lot. It occurs because of bad or no internet connection as a result of which, your device fails to connect to the Netflix servers.

The Netflix error NW-8- 17 is usually followed by this message that “we’re having a problem connecting to Netflix, please try again,” and to solve this issue, you have to take a couple of steps that may help you re-establish your connection.

Although, this error typically points to some issue with your network or Internet connection that connects your server with Netflix, but in some cases, the problem can occur with your device too through which you try to connect Netflix.

There are some troubleshooting steps for these devices are pretty much the same for all of them.


Solution For Netflix NW-8-17 Error

The steps that you can take to combat this issue includes the following ways:

Way # 1: Make sure your internet connectivity is optimal to get rid of NW-8-17.

Usually, when an error NW-8-17 occurs, this is the first step that most people do. And this often helps them a lot in getting rid of the error.

This method is different for each device.

For consoles, all you need to do is:

  • Open the “test your internet connection” option that is built within your gaming console.


  • Running the test will let you know if the internet connectivity is fine or not.
  • Also, if your connection is not establishing, you need to run one of the most basic checks- you must look if you are connected to your network or not in the first place?
  • If you are trying to connect to the right network and if it is still not working, then you can Disable your internet. Let it remain like that for a few minutes and then try to Enable it.
  • In case your gaming console does not provide you any direct method to check for your internet connectivity, which is highly unlikely, but still if this happens, you can try to open another app that requires an internet connection.
  • If the other app opens, then it means that your connectivity is fine, but it’s something related to your Netflix app.
  • If you rule out internet connectivity and decide to check on your Netflix app, you can follow the troubleshooting steps.

Way #2: Remove Netflix cookies and cache.

  • Try to visit Netflix on a computer and clear all the cookies.

  • Be sure that you don’t see Netflix site error.
  • If you see a Netflix site error, it means that there is something like a big Netflix outage or an error has occurred that does not depend on your device.
  • You just need to wait some time, approximately 4-5 minutes.

Way # 3: Check if your network supports streaming.

In you are at a hotel or some other place where the network does not allow or has blocked streaming apps, then you will have to talk to the administrator to allow you to stream.

Way #4: Sign-in and Sign-Out of your Netflix account.

  • Sign out and of Netflix and after a few minutes, try to sign in again.

sign out

  • This usually helps to get rid of the error too.

Way #5: Restarting the device may help.

If nothing else is working in your favor, then perhaps you should plug-out your device.

  • Make sure that no electric supply is running through the device. This means that you will have to un-plug your device from the wall-socket.

  • Wait for 5-10 minutes.
  • Restart the device and connect to the home network.

  • Try connecting directly to modem by restoring the default connection settings. Sometimes VPN is enabled, or some firewall proxy settings are enabled or some changes with the custom DNS settings. This step will help you return to default.
  • If you are unable to go back to restore your default connection settings, you can contact your Internet service provider.

Way #6: Improve your Wi-Fi signals:

  • You can use Wi-Fi signal boosters to improve your connectivity that may help you get rid of the error.
  • Alternatively, as a basic technique, you can simply move closer to your router.
  • If your Wi-Fi signals are not improving, then perhaps it is time to contact your internet service provider.

NW-8-17 can occur on any of the devices that have the Netflix default app and that lets the users connect to Netflix. Whether you use Amazon Firestick, or the Blu-ray players, PlayStation, Xbox, or any other device, the steps remain the same to remove this error.

The main point to remember is that this error occurs because of internet connectivity issues. And at least one of these steps will help you re-establish your Netflix connection.

If nothing works, of course, then you will have to contact Netflix itself and their teams will look into the matter that is plaguing your streaming service.

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