Quickly Fix No App Found To Open URL Error On Android

Android is one of the common mobile operating systems, and it’s based on the Linux kernel’s modified version. It’s accessible for both tablets and smartphones and is primarily created for touchscreen systems. However, recently, many of the Android users have been coming across the no app found to open url issue when they click on the search results within the Google Search and in place of the opening of their link, they receive this error message.

What Causes This No App Found To Open URL Issue?

After getting many reports from numerous users, we decided to look into the error message and created a set of many methods for resolving it completely. Also, we looked into the causes because of which it may be triggered and listed them here.

  • Application Disabled: 

In a few cases, the user may have disabled some system apps for conserving the space or battery; however, it can finish up backfiring if the app is an integral part of your OS. A few apps, like your Browser and Google Play Store, ought not to be disabled because they’re integral to many of the system functions.

  • Preferences Glitch:

There’s a feature in the Android devices which permits the users to configure the app to be preferred when opening some certain link type. This feature, however, has a problem that can cause this particular issue.


The occurrence of this problem can be because of a glitch, and it can be resolved by rebooting your device. For that:

  • Hit the power button on the device for about ten seconds or more.
  • Once the boot options emerge, simply tap on the restart option.
  • Bide your time and wait till the device reboots.
  • Open your browser and click on the searched link to see if the issue still persists.

What Can You Do If This Particular Error Message Appears On Your Screen?

Now that you’ve some basic comprehension of the nature of the issue, we’ll now move on towards the fixes.

Fix#1: Check For The Disabled Apps

There’re certain apps that come installed with the mobile already; a few of such apps are integral to the constancy of your OS. Therefore, in this guide, we’ll be checking for the system apps that have been disabled. For doing so:

  • First of all, drag down your notifications panel > click the settings cog.

setting cog

  • After that, scroll down > choose the Apps option.


Note: This setting may be found in the Battery section for a few mobiles.

  • Click the Application Manager option.

Note: If this Application Manager Setting is not there, then navigate to Settings > go to Apps and manually enable your system applications.

  • Check if any of your system apps, particularly your Google Play Store and Browser, are disabled.
  • If they’re already disabled, then simply click the toggle to enable them.


  • Once you have enabled your apps, check if the problem still persists.

Fix#2: Change Your Default Browser

If the Android device does not open the URLs you are trying to open, the issue is almost certain that the connection between your URI protocol for opening the links and your web browsing tool has been deleted. In Android devices, you can select which program to utilize for opening the URL, but in a few cases, this association might be missing, or the chosen program might just not start because of the issue.

In such cases, the most instant fix is to simply try to replace your web browser tool with some other app or specify the one installed already on your device if the option’s empty. In either of the case, you ought to try to install some other web browser to check if the issue is related to some previously utilized web browser program.

  • For doing so, first of all, open the App Settings (it is the gear icon you can locate on your Home screen or in your application drawer) > choose Apps.


  • After that, go to Default Apps > choose Browser in the menu that appears on your screen.

default apps

browser app

  • At this point, choose the Web navigator option from the list and try to open your URL again.

Fix#3: Updating The Applications

If you still can’t open the URL on the tablet or smartphone and the steps you have followed in the prior chapters didn’t fix the issue, it’s likely the web browser issue that’s stopping your URLs from opening. In such a case, all you can carry out is uninstall your web browser app and install it again. However, this operation isn’t a feasible option if you just have your Internet browser installed already on the Android device.

This app can’t be deleted utilizing the default function of your OS, and it’s not suggested to carry out so utilizing the workarounds (as it might compromise the stability of your system). For such a case, the only fix you can go for is to restore the app to the initial settings, delete all the updates you have gotten so far, and then try updating it to the newest accessible version.

  • For doing that, start the app Settings > go to Application > Chrome (or the name of your already installed browser) in the next menu > hit the key disable.
  • At this point, hit the confirmation option in the message for resetting your program.
  • Once accomplished, open your Play Store from the Android device > hit the three-line icon from the upper left corner.
  • At this point, in the menu that appears, simply choose my applications & games and, from the card Updates > choose Update next to your web browser.


Doing this will easily restore your app with the newest accessible update.

Fix#4: Reset The System Preferences

The Android device has a feature that permits its users to choose a particular app to open a certain link type. This feature can at times trigger problems while opening the different URLs. Therefore, in this guide, we’ll be resetting your system preferences. For carrying this out:

  • First of all, drag down your notifications panel > simply click the settings cog.

setting cog

  • After that, scroll down > choose the Apps option.


  • Next, click the three dots from the top corner.
  • After that, choose the Reset Application Preferences option and check if the problem still persists.

reset options

Hopefully, the no app found to open url issue is already gone by following the fixes mentioned above. But if it is not gone already, then simply try to set the date and time of your phone to automatic, and if that also does not fix everything up, then simply go for the system reset.

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