Fix The Netflix Stuck On Loading Screen TV Error?

Netflix can get stuck at 20, 60, 99, or other percent on loading screen television while loading. This Netflix frozen problem can take place on television models from Panasonic, LG, Sony, Sharp, Vizio, and any other Android/non-Android televisions. Netflix can get stuck on loading the television screen with the logo and a spinning red circle. If you also face the Netflix stuck on loading screen TV problem, then you can make use of the troubleshooting tips mentioned below.

What Are The Causes Of Netflix Stuck On Loading Screen TV Issue?

There’re numerous causes of Netflix freezing on television problems. Figuring out the causes can assist in resolving the issue rapidly. The following are common issues that can lead to Netflix not loading on the smart televisions.

  • Some data on the device has to be refreshed.
  • The corrupted Netflix caches data, which reasons Netflix to repudiate to load on LG, Sony, Vizio Smart TVs, etc.
  • Netflix is down. Netflix freezing problem takes place on the smart television, PC, Android, and other streaming devices.
  • Internet connection issue, unstable or network connection.

How Can You Resolve This Problem?

Method#1: Force-Stopping The Application

If Netflix isn’t loading on your Smart TV or phone, the simplest method of resolving the issue is to simply force-stop your tool. On mobile, the procedure is straightforward but diverse, relying on the device. However, on Smart TV, it’s a bit intricate. For forcing closing the Netflix tool on the Smart TV:

  • Double-press the Home button of your television, the Recent Apps menu will appear.

  • After that, highlight the Netflix tool using the remote.

  • Then, move your Netflix tool to the X part.

  • Next, tap Enter button for forcing the tool to stop.

After forcing the program to stop, wait for a little before opening the app again. However, if the issue persists, switch the device off.

Method#2: Performing A Restart

Reboot the Android/non-Android television: unplug the power cord of your TV, plug the cable again after some time. Or you can simply hit and hold the Power Off button on your television remote. This way applies to Panasonic, LG, Sony, Sharp, Vizio, and other television models that have the Netflix gets stuck on the loading screen problem. Force stop and reboot the Netflix program on the television: hit and hold the home button on the television remote, navigate to Setting > open Apps > locate Netflix> choose Netflix and Info > choose Force stop > OK. Choose open and press enter. A lot of users said this method fixed the Netflix frozen television screen problem but not permanently.

Method#3: Signing Out And Signing In Netflix Again

Log out of Netflix on the smart television; you can make use of the arrow keys on the television remote. Once you are signed out successfully, then simply sign back in and try to use the Netflix app again on the television to check if the Netflix stuck at any percent problem is fixed.

Method#4: Checking And Improve The Internet Connection

If the network speed is slow, the app possibly gets stuck when loading on the television. The speeds ought to meet Netflix live streaming suggestions, three Mbps for the standard streaming, twenty-five Mbps for the Ultra HD, and five Mbps for HD. Run a speed test and compare the results with the suggestions. There’re numerous methods for improving the network connection speed. Shut down the other apps, devices, and tools utilizing the same network. Connect the television directly to your router with the Ethernet cable. Try to move your router and modem closer to the television.

Method#5: Updating The Netflix Application

Netflix updates the application on all platforms for two main reasons. First of all, the updates fix bugs like loading issues, and second, they append more shortcuts. While the application updates might delay on a few platforms like Smart TVs, they are accessible in days.

If you’re on iOS, the procedure is quite similar. For updating Netflix on iOS:

  • First, launch the App Store.

  • Then, navigate to the profile icon.

  • Scroll down to Netflix.

  • If it has any pending updates, simply click on Update.

  • Wait for Netflix to update simply.

For upgrading the Netflix application on Android:

  • First of all, navigate to the Google Store.

  • Then, click on My apps and games.

  • Next, scroll down to the Netflix app.

  • If it’s any Update label, simply tap on it.

Updating the application on Smart television is diverse. Also, the procedure might differ relying on the television model. However, the universal steps for upgrading your app on the Smart television comprise:

  • First of all, hit the Home option on the remote control.


  • Choose Apps on the menu.

  • Navigate to Update Apps > choose Netflix.

  • Wait for the tool to download.


Once you’ve updated Netflix, most of the issues linked with the un-updated tools will disappear. In a few special cases, you might still experience loading issues.

Method#6: More Troubleshooting Tips For Netflix Stuck On Television Screen

If you still come across the Netflix stuck on loading screen TV after trying all the above-mentioned simple ways, utilize the following instructions. It takes a little patience and time. Contact the Netflix support service for official help please when you do not desire to take further steps, or the problem still exists on the television.

  • Check for the Netflix tool updates and the smart television system updates.

  • Deactivate and activate the television again, and then try to use the Netflix app again.

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