Instantly Fix Netflix Error NW-3-6

Netflix has one of the amazing galleries of TV shows, and movies that people can stream from all across the globe has garnered more than one hundred and forty million subscriptions, which are progressively growing. The list of TV shows and movies seems almost never-ending, but they still keep on growing as they spend in having even more content on the streaming service. But recently, the nw 3 6 error code has been seen across different devices and continues to worry users. In this guide, we’ll talk about a few of the reasons for the issue and try to offer you fixes that will be targeted in getting rid of all the issues which are triggering problems you’re your streaming service.

What Are The Reasons Behind The NW-3-6 Error Code ?

The reason for this issue isn’t specific, and numerous factors could be triggering the problem. A few of which are as follows:

  • Configuration Issues:

The issue might occur in case of some configuration problem with the local Internet Service Provider or your device in use, which might be interrupting it from connecting to your streaming service.

  • Internet Connection Issues:

This problem might also be triggered if there’s a connectivity problem with the local internet network.

Now that the most basic reasons have been stated, we’ll move on towards the fixes.

Troubleshooting Guide:

The following is a list of methods that you can try to resolve this annoying issue on all of the devices.

Method#1: Rebooting The Device

This simple fix removes all the Netflix cache from your device in use and effectively works every three out of five times. Just shut down the device and keep your device unplugged for about a minute. Now switch it back on again and launch Netflix. If the issue is gone, you can move away from this guide but if it is not, then move on to the next method.

Method#2: Disconnect Virtual Private Network, Proxy

If you’re connected to your internet through a Proxy Server or a VPN, we’d suggest you to disconnect and reconnect to your internet. At times your device has issues connecting to your internet if you’re connected through some other server. Your device may be incapable of contacting your streaming services, so whatever the device is, the most basic step for troubleshooting would be to disconnect all Proxy servers and VPNs simply.

NOTE: If you’re having issues connecting to your internet, then simply contact the Internet Service Provider for the resolution of the issue.

Method#3: Restart The Console

At times the Streaming Device could be triggering the problem. There may be some loading issue or some bug in it that may be stopping it from connecting to your internet, so we suggest you to try this:

  • First of all, unplug the power to the Streaming Device.
  • Then, wait for about five Minutes
  • After that, simply plug the device in again and check if Netflix now works.

Method#4: Restart Your Internet

At times your internet modem may be causing problems connecting to your Netflix streaming service. In this method, we’ll reboot the internet completely by simply power cycling the router. It’ll completely initialize all your configurations again and assist in fixing the issue.

  • First of all, simply unplug the power from the Internet Router.


  • Then, wait for about five minutes.
  • After that, simply plug the power back into the Internet Router.
  • Next, start the streaming device after five minutes to check if it works now.

Method#5: Verify The DNS Settings

The DNS servers match the domain names to the linked IP addresses. When you enter the domain name into the browser, the system contacts the current DNS server and asks what IP address is actually linked with your domain name. At times, that info can be corrupted or changed, which denotes that the domain name would be right, but the IP address linked with that would be incorrect, so in this guide, we’ll be initializing the DNS settings again for your consoles.

For Xbox:

  • First of all, jot the Guide button on the controller.
  • Then, navigate to Settings > General > Network Settings.

  • Select the network > Configure Network > DNS Settings > Automatic.

  • Turn off the Xbox controller > turn it back on.
  • Now, try Netflix again.

For The Playstation:

  • First of all, go to Settings > choose Network Settings > Internet Connection Settings > Select Custom.


  • After that, select either Wireless or Wired Connection, relying on the connection method.

If wireless connection, then simply make use of the following steps before moving forward.

  • Choose Enter Manually under the WLAN part.
  • Hit the right directional key three times for getting to the IP Address Setting (the formerly saved Security Setting, SSID, and Password will automatically populate).

If Wired Connection, then:

  • Simply choose Auto-Detect for the Operation mode > choose Automatic for the IP Address Setting.
  • After that, choose Automatic for the IP Address Setting > Automatic for DNS Setting > Automatic for MTU.
  • Next, choose Do Not Use for the Proxy Server > Enable for UPnP.
  • Hit the X button for saving all the settings > choose Test Connection.

NOTE: Such Settings are accessible just for these consoles, and if you’re making use of the service on some other device, then you can see the DNS settings according to their own way.

Method#6: Setting The IP Address To Static For Your Smart Television

The unstable connection between your router/modem and the device might also be triggering the nw 3 6 error code. You can attempt to reset your IP address to static for fixing this problem utilizing the following simple steps.

  • First of all, navigate to Settings > Network > Network Status.

network status

  • Save or copy a picture of your IP address, the Gateway, and the Subnet.

mac adrdress

  • After that, return to Network > navigate to set Network on manual.
  • Now, enter the details you took a picture of or have copied.
  • For DNS, simply enter the Google public DNS server and attempt to use Netflix again.

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