Instantly Fix Minecraft LAN Not Working Error?

For anyone who has not come across this wonderful online world, Minecraft is a sandbox video game that was developed and released by Mojang in 2011. This has since then become one of the most popular games out there because it allows users to create and engage with a 3D block-like structural world.

Here, they can collect resources, interact with friends and create structures! There’s a lot that Minecraft has to offer, however, as with many game servers, this one is also not without its flaws!

There have been reports of the Minecraft LAN not working properly and this is bound to happen over time in your Windows OS device. Essentially, as a player, you might be connected to the internet, but unfortunately, will not be able to play with friends using a LAN connection.

What is the Minecraft LAN not working error ?

If you are experiencing the LAN not working Minecraft error, then you might have created a single-player world in the game but are attempting to add more players using LAN or a Local Area Network. If you want to play Minecraft with your friends or teammates, then this LAN not working problem can be quite a frustrating event.

To fix this problem, you first need to understand why this occurs in the first place. If your Minecraft LAN is not working, this might be why:

  • You have antivirus software installed that is hindering the LAN connection.
  • Your computers are not connected via the same LAN connection.
  • The network discovery option is not working
  • The firewall blocked the incoming & outgoing connections of Minecraft.
  • Your AP Isolation feature is blocking your connection.

Now that we have gone over why this error might occur, we are now going to go over the potential ways to fix it when Minecraft LAN is not working. That is the main point of today’s article and all of these methods have been selected for their ease and effectiveness.


Method #1 : Make sure your Minecraft is not blocked by Windows Firewall

One of the main reasons why the Minecraft LAN, not working problem can occur is when your Firewall happens to block out your Minecraft server. Therefore, to fix this, you need to examine the Windows Firewall settings and make sure that your Minecraft executable file has been allowed in Firewall.

Heres how to do that!

  • First, you will go to the Windows 10 search bar and type Control in Cortana. This will show you results and click on the Control

  • Once it has been launched, you will choose the option for View by large icons. After this, locate and select the Windows Defender Firewall.

  • Moving on, you will select the option for Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall.

  • Then, you will select the option for Change Settings and then navigate down to the option for javaw.exe, Java (TM) Platform SE binary, Minecraft. Make sure all the boxes next to these are checked.

  • After this, you will select the option for OK and this will confirm the operation.

Once this has been executed, simply open your Minecraft and make sure that it is possible to join a LAN session without a problem occurring. In case your Minecraft LAN, not working problem persists, there is more you can do! Make sure you disable the Windows Defender Firewall and then start your game.

If you want steps on how to achieve that, launch your Control Panel and go to the Windows Defender Firewall interface. After this, you can select the option for Turn Windows Defender Firewall and make sure that it has been set to Turn off Windows Defender Firewall. The important thing is that this should apply to public and private settings. After this click on OK and that’s all!

If this first method didnt fix your problem, you might want to move onto the next solution!

Method #2 : Try reinstalling your Minecraft

If you still need a fix for the Minecraft LAN not working error, then your problems could lie with your Minecraft app or its server. If this is the case, you can try uninstalling and then reinstalling your Minecraft app to try and fix the problem. You can look towards the official Minecraft website to find the latest version and download it from there.


Method #3 :Keep the computers connected to the same network

If you find that it is hard to join a LAN session, you might not be connected to the same network or another player might not be! This is one of the major reasons why you might be experiencing the Minecraft LAN not working issue.

Therefore, in case you come across this Minecraft LAN not working problem, then all you need to do is make sure all the players are connected to the same LAN connection and the issue will be resolved.

Still, experiencing the Minecraft LAN not working problem? Move onto the next steps!

Method #4 : Turn off Minecraft Mods

Minecraft offers users certain mods that they can apply and engage with to make the gameplay more interactive and interesting. This is why quite a lot of users will prefer to play Minecraft with these mods. They can be quite fun to interact with however, they can cause errors such as a disruption in your LAN connection so that it stops working.

Therefore, if your problem persists and you don’t know what might be causing it, it makes sense to try and remove the mods from your game. To make sure that the issue is completely fixed, you will need to ensure that your friends are also not making use of mods.

Method #5 : Check your antivirus

If you are using any 3rd party antivirus apps, then this might be causing the LAN error as they can block Minecraft from connecting to your LAN. We suggest that you try disabling the anti-virus, however, this should only be a short-term thing so make sure to turn it back on later.

Your antivirus is essential software that will help you protect your device! In case you are using Windows Defender antivirus, it might also need to be disabled temporarily.

Heres what you need to do!

  • Your first step will be to launch the Windows settings app by holding down Windowsand I keys together.

  • Your next step will be to go to Update and Security and then click on Windows Security. Once this has been done, you can then select the option that reads, Virus and threat protection.

  • After this, your last step will be to click on Manage Settings under Virus and threat protection settings. Once this is done you will see a button under Real-time protection. Turn it off.

The last method didnt quite work out for you? Your issue might lie in the network drivers!

Method #6 : Try updating the Network Drivers

If the Minecraft LAN not working error has still not been solved then the culprit might be an outdated or corrupted network driver. So, the easiest way to fix this is by simply updating your network driver.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • For your first step, you will click on the Start menu and select Device Manager so this will launch the utility.

  • Your next step will be to select the Network adapters to open it. Then, you can click on the network driver and click on the option that reads, Update driver.

  • Once this is done, click on the option for Search automatically for updated driver software. This will ensure that your Windows searches your computer and the Internet for the newest version of driver software and updates it.

If none of these methods has proven to be successful for you, then you can also try this last one!

Method #7 : Turn on Network Discovery

Your Minecraft LAN is not working issue might also have arisen because your Network Discovery is disabled. The reason behind this is that it might be stopping Minecraft from listening to broadcasts. If this is the problem, then you can simply enable Network Discovery.

Follow these steps!

  • Your first step will be to go to the search bar and type in Control and enter to get to the control panel.

  • Once you see it in the search results, click on it and enter it.

  • After this, go to the option for Network and Sharing Center and click on the change advanced sharing settings from the left side and then click on the option for Network Discovery to enable it.


Now that you have had the chance to go over all these potential fixes for when Minecraft LAN is not working, you will have a clearer picture of how to solve the issue! When the LAN is not working, it can put a hamper on your gameplay and performance. This is precisely why today’s guide is vital.

We hope this has been an informative enough guide to help you deal with any problems that might arise with this Minecraft LAN error.

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