How to Fix Kodi Could Not Connect to Network Server

Kodi is an open source media player which allows you to play and access a large variety of video and music content on any device. The service was launched in 2002 by XBMC Foundation and was initially called as Xbox Media Player and Xbox Media Center but in 2014 the name was changed to Kodi. The platform is being used by a vast majority since it was launched and its popularity has only increased throughout time.

But this article is not about what Kodi is because considering you have searched the title of this article and have read it up until here now means that you already are a Kodi user and your Kodi is showing some error to connect, with the error reading “Kodi could not connect to network server.” This is a common problem for Kodi users and you can fix it pretty easily by yourself.

Why Does the Network Connection Error Occur?

The “Kodi could not connect to network server” error is not a new problem that has occurred. Almost every Kodi user has experienced it and learns how to fix it themselves.

If you are a new Kodi user the following tips and tricks might help you in fixing the error, however, the first thing you need to keep in mind is you should follow all these steps perfectly and if you are not confident in what you are doing it is better to seek help from an expert.

Ways to Fix the Error in Kodi:

The “Kodi Could Not Connect to Network Server” error could be because of a whole lot of different reasons. Following the given steps, you will at least and hopefully find one reason as to why the network error has occurred and will help you fix the error too.

Check Your Internet Connection:

If you are using Kodi with an Android box or TV it must be connected to Kodi through a stable Wi-Fi connection. If using Kodi on these devices shows you the error of connectivity, it is advised for you to check your internet or Wi-Fi stability.

You should also run the Windows Network Diagnostics utility if you can to check if there is any fault with the network configuration. Running the utility will start the troubleshoot which will immediately detect the problem.

In case this is not the problem and your internet is fine then move onto the next reason because of which the error might have occurred.

Update Your Add-Ons:

Though Kodi updates itself automatically there are chances that sometimes you may not have updated to the latest version and therefore Kodi could not connect to network server. In case this is the factor showing the error in Kodi it is necessary for you to update your Kodi. To do that follow these steps:

Click on the Add-Ons on the homepage of Kodi and then click on My-add on or the box icon present on the top. Press the left side of the remote to make the side bar visible and then click on check for updates. Kodi will now automatically update itself if there was any update to be done. Restart Kodi and hopefully the problem will now be solved.

In case that does not happen, move onto the next step.

Re install Kodi:

At times the problem may be minor which can be overcome by deleting and then reinstalling the Kodi back again.

Check the URL:

The error of Kodi could not connect to network server can also be shown in case you have typed a wrong URL. In such cases review the URL you have typed as sometimes you may put an extra hyphen or might have put an extra space which can cause your server to not detect the URL link.

Make VPN Usage Necessary:

If you do not use a VPN, there might be a possibility that your internet provider, government or app developer ay have access to your log in information and sometimes they may block your traffic that is directed to a certain IP address. The VPN will provide you an anonymity and security by creating a private network connection on a public forum and hence your continuous error issues may resolve.

Errors are a part of every technology we use and Kodi errors are pretty normal which you might know if you have been a constant user. However, it is advised not to freak out and look into the problem one step at a time and we are sure by following the pointers given above you will be able to solve your problem through at least one of these steps. We are hopeful that this might have helped you and you may have been able to overcome your problem.

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