Ipconfig Media Disconnected – How To Fix?

If you use Windows, then you might have experienced the Ipconfig Media disconnected issue that can arise from time to time. However, it is no cause for concern as this issue is quite common. Luckily, it can also be fixed quite easily.

Today’s article will talk in detail about all potential solutions for the ipconfig Media Disconnected problem. First, let’s figure out what it means when you get this Ipconfig error.

What does Ipconfig Media disconnected mean?

When you try to run the Internet Protocol configuration or Ipconfig command and it doesn’t go according to plan, sometimes this can cause an error. If you have tried to run ipconfig or ipconfig /all in your Command Prompt box and something is wrong with your internet, it can fail.

In this case, either your Wi-Fi connection or your network adapters might be the main reasons why the error occurs. Luckily, we have listed all possible solutions down below!

How to fix when Ipconfig media is disconnected?

Method #1 : Launch network troubleshooter

The first possible fix for Ipconfig Media disconnected issue might be to launch the network troubleshooter. This is a Windows tool that will scan and fix hardware issues on your device.  So if your Ipconfig issue keeps occurring, you can launch the network troubleshooter to solve it.

Heres what to do:

  • Go to your search bar and type in Control Panel on your device. Then, click on Control Panel and this will open the device.

  • Once in the Control Panel, you can pick either view by large icons or view by small icons, and then select the option for Troubleshooting.

  • You will then select Network and Internet and choose Network Adapter.

  • Select the option for Next and follow the steps they outline to fix the issue.

  • Once all this is done, you will restart the device and you will know if the media disconnected issue has been fixed or not.

In case your issue has not been resolved, you can go ahead and try the next fix!

Method #2 : Try resetting WINSOCK and IP Stack

To reset WINSOCK and IP Stack to refresh the network configurations Windows, you need to follow the steps below:

  • 1st go to your device’s search box on your computer, and type in cmd. Then click Command Prompt and click on the option to Run as administrator.

  • If it asks for UAC approval accept it.

  • Using the Command Prompt, type in the command below and press Enter.

netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log

Make sure you type it as it is since it is case-sensitive.

  • Then, you can type in this next command below and press Enter.

netsh int ipv6 reset reset.log

  • Finally, you will click on exit and press Enter and then restart your device.

Once the computer starts up, try the ipconfig or Command Prompt once more to check if it is fixed or if the Media disconnected message pops up again.

Did this not work out as you expected either? Simply move onto the next option instead!

Method #3 : Turn your network adapter on

Sometimes in the case that your network’s adapters have been turned off, you might be experiencing the Ipconfig Media got disconnected error if you run the command. If this is the case then you can turn the network adapters on to fix the issue.

Heres how to turn them back on:

  • Hold down the Windows logo key and R to start the Run box.

  • Next, type in devmgmt.msc and press OK.

  • Select the Network adapters to open the list.

  • Click on your network adapters and press Enable device.

  • Finally, try to connect the network and then run the Ipconfig command again to see if this gets rid of the media disconnected error.

If trying to turn the network adapter on didnt work out either, then try the next method!

Method #4 : Update network adapter drivers

Sometimes, a missing, corrupted, or outdated network adapter driver might be your culprit! In this case, the Media disconnected message will appear and it will prevent you from connecting to the internet. In this case, you can try and update your network adapter drivers to the newest version.

You can make use of 2 ways to update your network adapter drivers and this could be either manually and automatically.

For a manual driver update, you can visit the network adapter manufacturer website look to check if there is any recent update you might have missed. If there is one, you can install it on your device however, it will take some time.

For an automatic driver update, you can use a 3rd party app such as Driver Easy to do all the hard work for you!

Updating your network drivers wasnt successful either? We have one last method for you!

Method #5 : Try turning off network sharing

If all your efforts before this have proven to be unsuccessful, and you still get the Media disconnected issue, then you can try to turn off network sharing for your network adapter.

Heres how to turn it off:

  • For your first step, you will open the search bar and type in Control Panel. Once it appears in the results, you can simply click on Control Panel to open it.

  • Once you get to Control Panel, make sure that you click on view by large icons or view by small icons. After this, you will then click on the option that reads, Network and Sharing Center.

  • Then you can select the Change adapter settings.

  • Click on your network connection that is facing the problem, and select Properties.

  • Proceed to open the Sharing tab, and then uncheck the box alongside Allow other network users. This will establish a connection with the computer’s Internet connection.

  • Finally, click OK and then restart your device.

This should fix the Ipconfig media error!

Now that we have highlighted and explained all of our potential solutions for when Ipconfig media has become disconnected, we can see that while this might feel a little too technical, in reality, it can be easily fixed. That is if you know what has caused your issue!

Your focus should be on fixing your internet connectivity issues first and then following the steps that we have outlined above! With that, our article on Ipconfig disconnected has come to its end and we hope all queries and confusion regarding the topic have been addressed!

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