How to Stop Skype From Lowering Volume Windows 10, 7, 8

Skype is software that allows people all over the world to have conversation through audio and video calls. People from any part of the world can talk to the other person that lives on the other corner of the world. You can do a video call or an audio call on this platform or you can just have a chatting session on skype. This platform has made video calling for business meetings, family video calling and all different sorts of video conversation across the world. This app is world wide and have many users on this platform that use it for communication purposes and for audio and video calling.

Although users of skype are complaining about an issue that the skype keeps lowering the volume by itself. There can be many reasons why skype keeps lowering the sound. Depending on the windows that you maybe using by default skype tend to reduce the volume of your computer by 80% when it detects that a call is coming on the Windows. The windows automatically adjust the sound of the other application that present on the computer when it detects that a phone call is being made. This is not an official feature of skype but due to windows in the computer the windows lower the volume of other applications that are working when the call come through the skype. Hence this is not directly the issue of the application itself but indirectly it in in the control of the windows present in the computer.

Solutions for How to Stop Skype From Lowering Volume:

It can be irritating to continuously fix the sound and volume of other media that is being used on the computer while you receive a skype call. The windows detect that you have an incoming call through the skype and drops down the sound of other application. The problem starts when you have not yourself set this command up. This means that the skype and windows both by default have this system set up to lower down the volume of other applications when they are being used. If you are a gamer and you use communication platform such as Discord and other apps it can be very distracting and irritating for the volume to get lower whenever you receive a call from someone through skype. You can use the following methods for how to stop skype from lowering the system volume.


Use any one of the above methods to fix the sound and volume of the skype. Using any of the solution with the steps given will stop the skype from lowering the volume and sound of other applications and will solve the issue of how to stop skype from lowering volume.

Method # 1: Check the Hardware and Software for the Volume of Skype:

The feature of windows to lower down the sound and volume of other media and applications that is being used when the skype call is received can be annoying. As this feature is indirectly related to skype but the main problem is in the windows present in the computer. Therefore, if you tackle this issue through the settings of windows then through the setting of skype it will much easier and more effective to solve this issue. Hence, this feature related to volume and sound can be disabled to stop skype from lowering sound and volumes of other applications.

For this following step should be used in order to stop skype from lowering the sound system of other apps.

STEP # 1:  Locate the Sound option and right click on the icon present in the taskbar of the windows.

STEP # 2: Now click on the Sound option for the menu to pop up.

STEP # 3: Now find the Communications Tab and click on it.

STEP # 4: now you will find the required options under When Windows Detects Communications Activity. 

STEP # 5: Windows have four options regarded to the skype volume and sound being manipulated. Now choose the option Do Noting.

STEP # 6: Click on Apply option.

STEP # 7: Now click on OK. 

Now let the computer boot up, and now you can check if the volume of other application si being manipulated by the Windows and Skype and check whether the sound is being reduced when there is a call coming through the skype. This method should help you fix the issue of this application not working properly.

Method # 2: Disabling the Exulsive Control of Applications to Fix the Volume of Skype:

Sound system have an advanced system that allows other application and media that is being used on the computer to manipulate the sound and change the volume when a skype call is received. This feature can sometime be handy but most of the time it causes bugs and glitches in the sound and the skype tend to manipulate the volume of other applications and lower the volume. Following steps should be taken in order to stop skype from lowering the volume and sound of other applications.

STEP # 1: Open the sound and audio menu by clicking on the Speaker option on the task bar.

STEP # 2: Then click on Advanced Tab.

STEP # 3: Now you have to uncheck both the options that are available underneath the heading of Exclusive Mode.

STEP # 4: Save the changes by clicking on the OK option.

STEP # 5: Now relaunch the skype app in order to check the volume of other application is resolved or not.

This should help you resolve the issue regarding the sounds of the skype that automatically gets lowered down and should stop skype from lowering the sound of system. And remove all the problems that you have regarding this application and windows.

How to Stop the Lowering of Volume Through Skype on Different Devices:

For the Volume of Skype on Mac:

On Mac you can use the following steps to control the sounds and volume of skype:

STEP # 1: go to the Preferences option that is present in the audio/video panel.

STEP # 2: now click on the Speaker option.

STEP # 3: change the Same as the System to Built-in Output. 

STEP # 4: now click on Ok to confirm the changing in the settings.

This will give you the skype sounds and volume independent to the system sounds.

For the Volume of Skype on Windows:

For the windows volume and sounds setting the steps are discussed above in detail. Just a review of the steps is given below.

STEP # 1: click on the Start button.

STEP # 2: then click on Control Panel.

STEP # 3: now choose the Hardware and sound.

STEP # 4: now click on sound.

STEP # 5: now go the communication option and click on Do Noting.

Through this you can easily remove the skype control on the sounds and volumes of other media. 


The methods and solutions mentioned above can help you get rid of the volume getting reduced from due to skype. Skype is being used for business meeting the most and this issue causes a lot of problem for the users. It also used by many gamers and hence causes the audio to fluctuate and causes distraction in their games causing irritation while playing games. This issue is faced by many users of skype and can be very distracting and very problematic when you are using other apps that require loud sound such as gaming or watching videos. Hence, the solutions and methods if properly done with the steps mentioned above can help you get rid of this volume issue of skype. 

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