How to Reset Amcrest Camera?

If you want a complete security solution for your home, then you might want to consider the Amcrest systems. The Amcrest camera models are all exceptional when it comes to security and other useful applications. The reason behind their popularity is that these cameras are fitted with IP camera technology.

This ensures that you can transmit up to 4K video resolution using your mobile data or Wi-Fi.  HD video transmission has never been more accessible! Since they can be adjusted and setup can be done via your smartphone, it is quite a simple and quick process.

However, the need might arise to reset your Amcrest camera due to several reasons. Today’s article will be focused on how to reset your Amcrest camera and we have a potential list of excellent options. However, before we dive into the solutions, we will also briefly discuss why you might want to reset it.

Why would you need to reset your Amcrest Camera?

There can be quite a few reasons why you might want to reset your Amcrest camera. The most common is when you might have trouble switching it on. If you had set a password on the camera but have since then forgotten it, you might need to do a factory reset to gain access to it again.

Now, let’s discuss the major concern which is how to reset Amcrest camera.

How to reset Amcrest Camera?

Method #1 : Reset Amcrest camera using Web UI

You can factory reset your Amcrest camera by making use of the Web UI. However, this method will not reset your set password back to the default Amcrest password. If you want to reset the password, first, you will need to perform a hard reset of the device.

Here are the steps to achieve this:

  • First, log into the Web UI for your Amcrest device by downloading the Internet Protocol (IP) Address Config software from the internet. Launch this software and find the Amcrest IP address of your device.
  • Copy and paste this Amcrest IP address into your browser. This will open the Web UI for your device.
  • Add in the Amcrest default password that is admin, and the default username is also admin. You can also set your own password later.

  • Once you have done this, you will be logged in. this is when you will go to the Web UI and click on Setup.

  • Your next step will be to select the System button that you see.

  • Then all that’s left is to open the Default Settings.

  • Your next step should be to click on Restore to default settings.

  • You will see a confirmation dialogue to confirm whether this is an action you want to take. Confirm it and then wait.

  • Finally, log out of the Web UI and then log in again.

If this process has not allowed you to reset your Amcrest camera back to its original settings, then move onto the next one!     

Method #2 : Reset Amcrest Camera using Remote Reboot

The cool thing about the next method is that it allows you to reboot the Amcrest camera remotely. Your first step will be to define the IP address of your camera. This can be done by using the IP config software. Once you know the IP address of your camera, you can enter this into your computer’s browser.

It will ask for you to enter your login credentials. These will be the username and password. Then go to System, click on Auto maintain and opt for a Manual reboot. This will then start a remote reboot of your Amcrest without needing to do this manually.


If neither of the options above was successful for you, you can always opt for this as a last resort!

Method #3 : Reset Amcrest Camera using hard reset

If your goal is to sell the camera or you want to protect your data, then a hard reset of your Amcrest camera might be the best solution.  Keep in mind that this will remove all the data stored on your device. Once this is accomplished, it will also revert the camera to its innovative software using the default factory settings.

It will also reset your password to the Amcrest default password which is normally set to admin. We will walk you through this process step by step. Your first step in the Amcrest camera hard reset will be to locate the external factory reset button on the Amcrest camera. To ensure you have the right button, there will be an LED light on this button.

Once you press these buttons, it will reset all the original settings of the Amcrest camera. So it will go back to the original factory defaults. Since our goal is a hard factory reset, you will keep pressing the button for around 20 seconds. Then, there will be a change in the light as it shifts from green to red.

This indicates that the reset process has begun and now it will restore your camera to its factory defaults. This factory reset will be complete as it tilts your camera to the side. After this, once it is complete, the reset button will again turn green. After that, you will get to create a new password and username for your camera using the Web UI to make sure it remains secure.

Finally, we are now concluding this detailed review on how to reset your Amcrest camera. Resetting might be something that a lot of users previously feared however, with today’s review, it will be a clearer and simpler process.

As long as you follow these steps we have outlined thoroughly, you should not come across any issues. We hope that this has been an insightful and detailed journey for you to discover how to reset Amcrest camera.

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