How to Recover Incognito History on an Android Phone?

There are many benefits to browsing and surfing the web via your android phone browser! Whether you use Google Chrome or any other browser, you might be aware that nowadays marketers are getting our information purely based on our searches or browsing history!

If this is an aspect that concerns you, then you might be one of many individuals who choose to opt for the incognito mode to browse.

Let’s discuss How to recover incognito history on an android phone.

What Is Incognito Mode and What Are Its Implications?

This of course, as the name suggests is a hidden or private mode that you can opt for on your Android phone’s browser to search, view, play, and download all sorts of content without it being the target of advertisers! It is also a great way to keep your private information safe if someone else also has access to your phone.

That’s one side of the equation; unfortunately, there is another aspect of having an incognito history on android. While the uses are pretty great for people who want their history to be kept private, this can be potentially dangerous if you have children under the ages of 16 or 17.

If they get their hands on a phone that young, you might want to monitor it. However, if they have incognito mode enabled, you will not be able to view anything they search during that time!

So, is there a way out of this dilemma? Can you protect your children from accumulating a potentially harmful incognito history on android?

How to Recover Incognito History on an Android Phone?

Today, we will be highlighting a few of the main methods on how to recover and get back incognito history on your android device. This is quite an easy process, but since most parents aren’t as tech-savvy as their kids, they might have a tough time with this process.

The feature to browse privately on your phone is one that is widely accessible on all android phones but since kids can use it as well, it raises the question as to should parents be able to monitor even hidden viewing?  For many, that answer is yes!

However, before we let you in on how to recover incognito history on an android phone, let’s give you an overview of its uses:

What Are the Benefits of Using Incognito History?

You also get quite a few benefits of using incognito history recovery on your phone. Here are the main ones!

  • Private and hidden browsing

As we mentioned before, incognito mode on your android browsing will enable you to search for and engage with content without leaving any trace of your activity. Of course, your comments on social media for example will not be anonymous or hidden, but it will hide all incognito access and URLs on your phone.

  • Multiple accounts can be used simultaneously

This is one of the best benefits of using incognito mode! Since you might have 2 or more accounts say on Google or Facebook, the app will usually only let your login once. However, with this browsing feature, you can also open your second account since the browser will not identify it.

This is because browsers can retain and recover information about accounts that they have direct access to. This can include your username and passwords so that you log in immediately whenever you try next!

However, with 2 accounts or more, you will see that it becomes harder because you will have to log out and in repeatedly. However, with the incognito feature on your android, you can easily just log in to both simultaneously and it will be super easy as well!

  • Make your private account more secure

Finally, the last reason why you might want to work with private browsing enabled is that you might have a confidential or important account that needs way more security than a regular one.

This is where incognito mode comes in because it ensures that your private browsing history will not store any of your personal information or details. This way, your incognito history on android will always be protected.

How to Recover Incognito History on an Android Phone?

Now that we have presented a detailed overview of all things incognito, it is time to finally move onto the main topic! We will now present how to recover incognito history on your android with absolutely no hassle! This recovery of incognito history is possible with the aid of apps such as FamiSafe.

If you are the parent of a child, then you will know how important it is to keep a track of what content your child is consuming online. The internet is not always a safe place for young minds and therefore this child monitoring tool will ensure that parents can recover any incognito history on android easily.

Whether they have been on social media or consuming video content on YouTube, with this impressive application, you will be able to recover all incognito history on android. So, what are the main features and benefits that the FamiSafe app provides its users? We are listing the top ones below!

What are its benefits?

There are many benefits that you can take advantage of with this app, however, here are a few we have listed for you:

  • View hidden and incognito website history

With the FamiSafe app, you will be able to easily monitor and check what websites have been visited and for what purpose. This also includes the recovery of information that is deleted so there is no chance your kids will be able to sneak something past you!

This is the perfect solution because you will get this information in the form of a list of URLs so that you can check them even if they were accessed in incognito.

  • View how many times a website was visited in incognito history on android:

FamiSafe also has a built-in tracker for the number of times any website has been visited over a while! You can find this in the Activity Report Section in the application and it will be a defined frequency that will let you know what content is being viewed the most!

Along with the frequency, you will also be able to realize exactly what time and date this information or content were accessed! This can be a big help since it ensures you are aware of what times your child is most likely to make use of incognito mode. This can be beneficial because you will figure out whether your child does this while you are occupied.

  • Add a web filter on certain sites:

Though nowhere near as advanced as the real-world filter in Black Mirror, this blocking feature is quite the important one! You will be able to effectively block any website on the android phone that you are monitoring. This is a solution and a preventative measure that this app provides.

This will enable you to block any all and inappropriate websites or content that you do not wish your child to see. It is much like the Safe search on Google images. So, once you have the browser history for your Android , you get to control and what information can be blocked.

Steps to Recover Incognito History on the Android Phone!

To make this process even easier for you, we are going to list out the main steps you need to recover incognito history on your android devices! As we mentioned, this application is designed to recover and keep track of all history in your Android phone so you should also know the main steps.

If You Want to Easily Recover Incognito History on an Android With the Aid of Famisafe, These Are the Steps You Will Need to Follow:

  • Your first step is to of course go to your Google Play store and sneakily download it on your own and your kid’s phones.

  • The second step is to create an account on the app and register yourself. You can only register from your phone and this will automatically link with your child’s phone as well once you have connected them via username or password.

  • This is when you can log into the app and then start monitoring your kid’s recovered incognito data. All you have to do is press the option that reads Browser History.

Finally, this has been our detailed overview on the basics of an application that will keep you in touch with all incognito history on your android device. We have also listed exactly how to recover incognito history from your device in a few easy steps.

We hope that this has been an insightful article and one that you will benefit from and use in daily life. If the need arises to recover such information, you have this detailed guide on how to achieve that!

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