How to open tar.gz?

A tar file is a cluster of files stored as a single file so that storage becomes easier and file size is reduced. Since these are compressed, they are known as .tar.gz file extensions. While there are many ways to denote these tar.gz files, they are essentially TGZ files. Today, we will be looking at all the information regarding these gz files!

How to open tar.gz files?

  1. Use WinZip
  • Your first step will be to make sure your tar.gz file is saved to your Desktop. This is an important step so in case it automatically went to Downloads, save it to desktop.
  • You can then open tar using either a shortcut or your start menu. You will be able to access the compressed file by selecting the option that reads, File and then you can select the option for Open.
  • Next up, you can proceed to choose the entirety of files and folders inside the compressed file. You may also pick and choose which ones you want to open with the Ctrl key.
  • Then you can click on Unzip and it will give you options on whether you want to Unzip to PC or Cloud.
  • This is entirely up to you to decide this and then you can click the Unzip button to extract your files to your chosen folder.
  • Finally, after this process, you will see them in the destination folder and you can open the tar.gz from there.

If you want to know how to open the tar.gz files without using WinZip, heres another way!

  1. Use the Command Prompt!

To open tar.gz files in Windows 10, a very simple method that does not require you to utilize any software is to use the command prompt in Windows 10. The following steps will outline how you can achieve that:

  • First, you will click on the Windows button and proceed to type cmd there.

  • Then, right-click the command prompt and select the option for Run as administrator

  • After this, you can select the location where your tar file has been saved and type in the following command with the name of the file:

tar-xf filename.tar

  • After this, you will see that the gz file gets extracted to this folder.

There is even a specific tool to open tar.gz files on your computer and it is called the Tar.gz File Opener Tool!

  1. The Tar.gz File Opener Tool.

This one is just a little unknown and so if you do not want to use WinZip, this is the perfect alternative! Here’s what you will need to do:

  • Your first step to open gz files will be to install the Tar.gz File Opener Tool.
  • Then you can open the software and then remember to change the file type to tar.
  • Moving on, you will get the option to select single or multiple files.
  • When your selection has been made, this tar.gz file will be scanned. It will offer you a small preview of the file and you can click on the Next button
  • Your next step will be to select the Browse button and then click on the location you wish to place the gz file.
  • After that, all you have to do is press the Save button and your tar.gz file has been opened.

Finally, we are at the end of today’s brief yet insightful guide on what gz files are and how to open tar.gz files. By now, our readers will be aware that tar files are not so different from other cluster file folders and that opening and extracting the different files from within can also be fairly easy.

We hope that this article has been informative and might just compel you to take on unknown file formats with a new sense of confidence!

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