How to Make Your Phone Untraceable

Everyone has their own reason behind keeping their cellphones untraceable. Some people are really concerned about their privacy and do not want their phone to be traced by anyone. People can dial “67” the traditional way and hide their phone number but that’s it your cellphone won’t be untraceable; this dial up command will just hide your called id but your automatic number identification will still be sent and could be traced by the company or person you called. Connecting to a public wireless internet connection also exposes you to being traced and tracked by people, even one can get hacked when connected to a public wifi network. 

Learn Some Steps of How to Make Your Phone Untraceable

To make your phone truly untraceable you need to take certain steps and buy yourself a cellphone that is made for being untraceable. You need to get to have things such as different cellphone and different numbers to be untraceable

Here is how to make your phone untraceable

Step#1: Buy a Prepaid Sim

The first step to make sure your phone not being able to be traced by people is buy purchasing a GSM prepaid sim card. Prepaid sim cards can be traced but they stop being tracked as soon as you take it out of the phone and break the sim card. They are cheap and easy to get. Before purchasing the prepaid sim as the service provider if it is a GSM sim. They are also called ghost chip phone card or ghost chip sim card.

Step#2: Read the Manual and Activate Your Prepaid Sim

The prepaid sim you just bought for your phone, insert the sim card in your phone and turn on your phone. To activate the sim there must be a manual with it, read and follow the instructions for making the sim work. You won’t be needing to add your address or name while activating the sim card on your phone

Step#3: Make short calls 

After activating your sim card on your phone, try to make as short calls as possible. As the shorter the calls the less chance of you being traced. Make sure you call from a secure location, such as a rented house or some public parks. Phone towers and phone satellites can track your location if you are on calls for a longer period of time. Turn your phone off when you are done with your call. Try not to make long calls as you can be easily traced.

Step#4: Remove the sim card

After you are done with your calls and everything remove the sim card from your mobile phone and break it and break the phone with it too. You need to follow the above steps over and over again to keep yourself untraceable. It is a difficult job but if you really want to be out of the radar you need to follow these steps to keep yourself untraceable


Other precautions

You can take other precautions to keep to the phones untraceable is by not connecting to a public network, along with turning off the cellular network. The airplane mode is the best way to keep yourself off any network or any wireless connection. It shuts down all the radios installed in your mobile phones the gsm and wifi radio so the phone is unable to connect to any network. Disabling the gps radio helps to keep your GPS from being activating and revealing your current position. The airplane mode will disable this radio network too. If you are using an Apple device you can go to the privacy tab in the settings and disable all the applications that are using your current location.  Disable the games are taking your location as why would a game need to take your location? Applications such as maps require the gps radio to be active, but if privacy is your concern keep the gps radio off and use a physical map to navigate around the city. The last thing to make an untraceable phone is by shutting down your mobile phone and taking the battery out, if there is no battery the radios won’t be powered on and you will become untraceable. 


It is close to impossible to make your mobile phone untraceable in this era. As no matter what things, you try you will get traced. You can go untraced for a few days, even a couple weeks but you will become traceable. Everything is being tracked and recorded so it is basically impossible for a person to go into hiding and not be traced. Yes, there is a way to go completely off the radar by cutting off every possible network and not using any electronic device or phone. But this is impossible as everything around us is electronic and there is always a chance of being traced and tracked. 

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