How To Fix The Prime Video Not Working On Samsung TV Issue?

Amazon Prime Video permits you to watch on-demand TV shows and movies through an application that you have to install on the Samsung television. You’ll also get original TV series, films, and other entertaining content. When you see a prime video not working on Samsung TV, it’ll show an error that specifies a specific issue. In a few cases, you don’t receive any code at all. That denotes you’ll need to figure out what’s triggering the problem and whether you can resolve it on your own or call a technician.

What Are The Causes Of The Prime Video Not Working On Samsung TV Problem?

There can be many causes to this issue, such as:

  • You haven’t connected the Samsung television to your internet.
  • The account is inactive.
  • The video streaming application or software of your TV is outdated.
  • The television doesn’t have sufficient memory.
  • The HDMI cord isn’t compliant.
  • The internet connection is slow.

Fortunately, you can resolve such problems in diverse ways.


Follow the below guidelines for solving the problem:

Method#1: Cold Booting The Samsung Television

A cold boot can assist in shutting down your television and restarts it. It can assist in fixing diverse problems, comprising crashing, picture issues, glitches, not loading, and freezing, among others. Cold booting your Samsung television can take place in 2 ways:

  • Unplugging Your Television:

Unplug your Smart television from its wall outlet. Then plug it back in after about thirty secs. Try to open the application and check if it has resolved the problem.

  • Utilizing Your Remote:

Hit and hold the power button and wait until your television turns off and on again. The entire procedure ought to take at most 5 secs for completion.

Method#2: Updating The Samsung TV

  • Grab the remote > hit the home button > move the left arrow > navigate to settings.

  • Scroll down to support > hit ok > again hit ok on the software update and update the Samsung TV.

Once the Samsung TV gets updated, the amazon prime video will begin working okay as usual without any problem.

Method#3: Deleting And Downloading The Prime Video Tool Again On The Television

Follow these steps for deleting the app. The methods will also assist you in resetting Amazon Prime on the Samsung television.

  • Navigate to Apps > choose the Settings icon.

  • Find and choose the Amazon Prime App > choose Delete.

  • If your device has greyed out your tool, it denotes it’s a suggested app. Therefore, choose Reinstall.

Once you’ve removed the tool, you have to install it again. Also, contemplate downloading if you cannot locate Amazon Prime on the Samsung television. Here’s how:

  • Hit the Return button from the remote > choose the Search icon.

  • Key in the app’s name (in our case Amazon Prime Video) > choose it > choose Install.

After installing the app again, open it and try to play any video.

Method#4: Ensuring You Have The Right HDMI Cord

While this issue rarely takes place, it can be one of the causes you’re not capable of watching TV shows and movies in 4K or HD. That can occur if the HDMI cable isn’t compliant. In the majority of cases, watching the HD content needs you to have a cord that has a rating of about 1.4 HDCP. For the 4K content, it has to be 2.2 HDCP. If your HDMI cord is outdated, you’ll have to purchase a new one for streaming 4K or HD content.

Method#5: Resetting The Samsung Smart Hub On The TV

Before resetting your Samsung Smart Hub, you’ll need to get the login details for all the programs you’ve installed on your device. Once done, follow the below steps:

  • Navigate to Settings > go to Support > choose Self Diagnosis > select Reset Smart Hub.

  • Enter the PIN of your TV, or 0000 is the default one. Once you enter that PIN, the resetting process will start.

Method#6: Updating The Amazon Prime On Samsung Smart TV

Here’re some simple steps to follow for updating the Amazon Prime on Samsung Smart TV:

  • Hit the Home button from your remote > go to Apps > choose Amazon Prime Video.

  • Choose the Settings icon > highlight and enable the Auto Update option.

Once Auto Update is enabled, the tool will automatically begin updating.

Method#7: Checking The Internet Connection

You can check the network connection by doing a network status test.

  • Navigate to Settings > choose General.

  • Select Network > choose Network Status.

Now, run the test. Pay attention to the issues. Also, notice whether you can see ‘X’ between the router and the Smart TV. If you get a problem, contemplate:

  • Increasing The Internet Speed:

If you’ve connected a lot of devices to the Wi-Fi, the television will not get sufficient signals for streaming 4K or HD content. In such a case, disconnect all of them from your wireless network and retry. Such devices can comprise mobile phones, tablets, computers, and gaming consoles. If that doesn’t help, call the Internet Service Provider or contemplate upgrading to the package that provides better network speeds.

  • Power Cycling The Network Equipment:

You can carry this out by simply unplugging all of your network-related devices from the power source. These comprise the router, modem, and television. Next, begin plugging back in your modem, router, or television. Try to connect to your network or opening the tool and check whether it resolves the problem.

Method#8: The Video Isn’t Available

When streaming specific content that’s outside of your country or time zone, you’ll get an issue telling you Prime video is not available. You can’t resolve this issue unless you utilize a VPN. Also, your service can be unavailable because the servers are down. In such a case, wait until Amazon resolves the problem.


When you come across the prime video not working on Samsung TV issue, you have to identify the triggers of the issue so that you can resolve it. The first thing you ought to carry out is to restart your television by simply unplugging it from its power source. If that doesn’t help, then contemplate updating the device software and Prime Video. Other options you can look into are resetting your Smart Hub, checking the internet connection, or checking whether Amazon has some sort of system-wide issue.

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