How to find WiFi Password with CMD?

Do you want to know how to find a WiFi password with CMD? We all have been using the passwords daily, which you might be using on your smartphones or laptops. But as we talk about the use of WiFi password for the internet network, there might be a few times when you should recall it.

Until and unless you will be setting up with the latest WiFi wireless router or getting connected with the new devices, or adding some new set of wireless electronic devices to a network system, there are few reasons to know about the password is changed. This might be an issue in the future because some people will forget it or not find it. Therefore, we will explain a few basic methods for you to find your wireless WiFi password with CMD right through this guide.

What necessary Windows 10 Administrative Privileges will need you?

Before stepping into the methods, we will be letting you know about some of the essential administrative privileges for using all the below WiFi methods. This generally means that these methods will come up with some restrictions for any college student or any office going employee. Hence, this will also be applied to the individuals using the “guest user” accounts on the WiFi Windows 10 machines.


Now without wasting any time, let’s move to the methods which you need to follow for finding the wireless WiFi passwords with CMD:

Method no 1: Finding WiFI Password by using CMD Lines

The first method on our list is to find the WiFi password with the command prompt or CMD. CMD is the built-in password program available on Windows 10. With the help of this WiFi system, you will execute all the entered commands or find them. The majority of the CMD commands entered into the CMD prompt are generally for the automation of the tasks. It works best for performing the advanced password administrative functions as well as troubleshoots issues. Check out the below step by step WiFi guide:

  1. You have to open the search bar of your PC and type the command prompt or CMD.
  2. As the bar of “best match” results pops-up, you will find the appearance of the command prompt.
  3. Now you have to right-click on the CMD option and then make it run as the password administrator.
  4. To display all your significant profiles of the WiFi network, you have to type the command of “netsh WLAN show profile” and then press Enter. This is how all the user WiFi profiles will be visible in front of you.
  5. If you want to view the specifics of all profiles, you need to use another set of command along with its profile name. This command will appear as “netsh WLAN show profile name=” WiFi Profile Name” key=clear”. After it press “enter”.
  6. Keep on scrolling down until and unless you do not see the complete password information linked with that WiFi profile. You have to search for the crucial content line. This key content line is based on your WiFi password.

WiFi Password with CMD

Method no 2: How to find WiFi password by using the CMD Batch Scripts

As we have already mentioned in the first command, the command prompt’s tool is used for automating the WiFi password tasks. This will be done through the scripts. You are free to either create with your scripts to find WiFi all passwords. It might sound a little complex, but it is not! It will probably take just a few of your minutes, and you will be all done.

  1. In the search bar box of your PC, type “settings” and then select under the best WiFi password match option.
  2. Select the option of WiFi network and internet.
  3. Now you have to click status in the left-hand menu, after which you will be able to see the command network name.

Is it possible to Find WIFI Password through Network & Sharing Center?

You have to write a specific password and then close all windows. For accessing the WiFi password, it is essential to have administrator command privileges. A particular limitation of this WiFi password method is that you can search and view the password for the active WiFi password network connection. This generally means that you would not be able to see any or find any password for the inactive but the saved WiFi password networks.

How can you tap into & Easily Find Our WiFi Password?

If you want your system of wireless password network to operate fully, you must have a WLAN command service profile. This WiFi profile works as the password configuration set included with a unique WiFi password network name. It is essential to have a configuration of the WLAN command service profile when setting up the WiFi password internet connection. This WLAN command profile will be keeping a complete track record of the password information, which is linked with a WiFi internet connection.

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