How to Change Monitor Number

If you have a multi-monitor setup, then you might have wondered whether you can change number of monitor in a way that makes the experience more convenient to you! Well, to answer this, yes, you can change the number of your monitor quite easily!

What does the monitor number signify?

If in case, you are making use of two or more monitors that are connected to your PC, then it will showcase the monitor number and you can choose which one should be the main monitor as well. This will then become the default monitor for all users on the system.

The display that you will choose to be the main monitor will be used as your current desktop. It will be categorized by showing Ctrl, Alt, and Del screen, the clock, and this is also where you will log in from. Overall, this will be the normal desktop and login screen that you are used to using.

If you want to switch your number of monitor with the aid of the monitor’s hardware, then you should know that the port your monitor is attached to, along with how many monitors you have connected will show the number of monitor. If you can change which switch the monitor is connected to, then you can change monitor number automatically.

Here’s how to change monitor number!

Method #1 : Use Main Display in Settings

  • You can launch the main display using settings and then figure out how you open the monitor’s display settings.
  • Next, right-click on your desktop and the option for Display settings will appear. Click on it and then move onto the next step.

  • After this, you will open Settings and click on the option for the System icon.

  • You will then see the display number on the right-hand side and you can click on the one you want to turn into the main monitor. This will be done by checking the box for Make this my main display box.

  • In case you want to see which display you are looking at, you can select the Identify button. It will let you know which monitor is associated with which number.

  • However, be sure to notice that if the Make this my main display is already gray, this means the monitor you have selected is the main display.

  • You can then close the Settings and your number of monitor is changed.

Method #2 :Use the Airtame app

In case the last method wasn’t ideal, you can also use the Airtame app to mirror the main monitor on a computer with multiple monitors. In this process, you can switch and change which monitor you would like to display as the main one using screen mirroring.

We will now tell you how to change number of monitor using a few basic steps for Windows 8.1 and above as long as you have at least 2 more monitors.

Here is what you need to remember about this process:

  • When you have 2 or more monitors, the Airtame app works in a specific way. If you set to monitor 1 or 2 as the main monitor, then Airtame will mirror monitor 3.
  • Similarly, if you set 3 as the main monitor display, then the app will mirror monitor 3.

Now we move onto how to change the monitor number by changing the main display:

  • First, you will click on a random desktop from one of the monitors.

  • You will then select the option that reads, Display Settings.

  • Then select the option for the screen number you want to set as the main monitor.

  • Navigate to the option for Make this my main display and check the box next to it.


Once you have followed through with these steps, you will be able to control which monitor is which and you will have changed your number of monitor. With this review, we have answered your question on how to change your monitor numbers!

We end this review with the hope that our users can now effectively change their monitor numbers while they are playing and see how this is particularly useful on a multi-monitor setup!

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