How To Block Adults Websites In Windows 10

Parents frequently are anxious about their kids utilizing the Internet. Naturally, they do not desire them to visit or see any adult websites that provide pornographic content simply lurking for preying on their kids. When you have tech-savvy kids who spend the majority of time on the internet, they at times encounter adult websites that you surely do not desire them to see. Parents can’t control their kids’ whole session manually. Therefore, you require a guide on how to block adult websites in windows 10 that can work efficiently in the background, limiting their children from seeing adult sites even when you’re not with them.

How To Block Adults Websites In Windows 10 Using The Settings App?

  • First of all, click the Start menu > the Settings gear.
  • Go to Accounts
  • Navigate to Family & other people.

family and others

  • Click the Manage the family settings online link.
  • Then, click on the Web Browsing option.
  • After that, click Block the inappropriate websites.

It can prevent the account from utilizing Internet Explorer and MS Edge for accessing content on adult sites.

Set Search Engines On The Safe Search Mode:

In addition to blocking the adult websites, you ought to also limit access to different search engines that can show pornographic pictures in the search results. When you utilize CleanBrowsing, it can automatically carry out secure searches on Bing, Google, Youtube, and all main search engines.

If you’re utilizing some other Internet filter, you might have to set every search engine and browser manually to the safe mode. Searching makes it simpler to locate the info on the net. Forget about browsing numerous diverse sites; Google and Bing permit you to locate what you are searching for as fast as possible. It’s one of the causes why you ought to begin blocking pornographic websites on Windows 10 from there.

Blocking Adult Websites With Different DNS Filtering Services:

NeuStar Family Secure DNS:

It’s meant for families who don’t desire their kids to have access to different mature content like pornography, gambling, hatred, violence, and discrimination.

  • IPv6: 2610:a1:1018::3, 2610:a1:1019::3
  • IPv4:,

Enter this in your DNS records of the router or PC and restart it once. Then try to access an adult site and make certain that your DNS service hasn’t blocked it.

DNS For Family:

DNS for Family is a well-created site that offers a free DNS IP address configuration on the network. They’re utilized for blocking sites that are contemplated pornographic. The great thing is that they don’t block social networking websites like Facebook, YouTube, and others. You can utilize the following DNS servers offered by the Domain Name System service for the family:

IPv4 DNS Server:

  • 47.64.161
  • 130.180.225

IPv6 DNS Server:

  • 2a01:4f8:1c17:4df8::1
  • 2a01:4f8:1c0c:40db::1

For configuring all of them, you have to configure the IP addresses in your router or adapter’s DNS. Therefore, you have to access the computer or router that you can sign in to. If you do that on the PC, you require admin rights. You can also configure them on smartphones so that kids don’t have access to them when utilizing the mobile data. Android provides you with the option for configuring the IP address settings in the advanced section. The configuration might differ depending on your phone.


Hopefully, this how to block adults websites in windows 10 guide has helped you. And lastly, for parents, stay present and speak with your kids to avoid them to resort to seeing pornographic content online. None of the above fixes can do anything if you don’t monitor what your children are doing and enforce the rules. Speak with them, enjoy the virtual world together if possible, and you’ll both gain from it.

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