How to add SHOWTIME to Hulu?

SHOWTIME is an American premium television network. It features various hit TV series, movies, etc. In order to use the services, users have to subscribe to its various plans.

However, if you have a Hulu subscription, you can easily add SHOWTIME to your Hulu account. This will give you multiple benefits. You will have the programs that are available on Hulu for entertainment, and with the SHOWTIME premium television network added to it, your entertainment will multiply, and you will get more choices to choose from.

How to add SHOWTIME to Hulu for free?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a free plan, but you can add SHOWTIME to Hulu for a trial period of one week. It will be free of cost and will give you an idea of the varied choices and benefits that you can receive by adding SHOWTIME to your Hulu subscription.

Later on, when you are convinced enough, you can add SHOWTIME to your original Hulu base plan and agree to pay a nominal additional fee of $10.99 per month on top of your Hulu subscription fee.

This is a very economical option. Instead of going to a cinema to watch one movie at a higher price, you can get SHOWTIME on your Hulu subscription and make your viewing experience more worthwhile.

You can stream all kinds of famous movies and original TV shows through SHOWTIME Anytime, and you can also enjoy all this entertainment through SHOWTIME live streams on Hulu. While watching something from SHOWTIME on Hulu, you can record the live TV to Cloud DVR also.

Ways to add SHOWTIME to Hulu:

If you are looking for the steps to find how to add SHOWTIME to Hulu, you will have to take the following measures:

Step #1: Make a Hulu account:

This is obviously the first and foremost step. You need a Hulu account to continue with the process.

Step #2: Choose your plan:

  • Once you have made a valid account on Hulu and it gets approved, the next step is to choose your plan.
  • Go to the option where all Hulu subscription plans are available.

  • Select one plan.
  • If you want to add SHOWTIME to your Hulu subscription, you will have to choose the plan in which you are at least paying around $7 per month for your Hulu subscription.

Step # 3: Go to the Library:

After creating your account on Hulu and subscribing to a base plan, you will have to go to the Library.

  • There, on the Hulu site, you will see your username on the upper-left corner.

  • Click your username.

Step # 3: Start Managing your subscription:

  • Once you click on your username, you will be taken to a page where you will see ‘Manage your subscription.’

  • Under this section, you will see ‘Switching Plans.’

  • Click on ‘Switching Plans,’ and then on ‘Feature Add-ons.’
  • After clicking on the ‘Feature Add-Ons’ option, you will see the option of ‘Premium Add-Ons.’
  • Click on ‘Premium Add-Ons.’

  • Now, you will see a list of available add-ons. Choose ‘SHOWTIME.’

  • After choosing ‘SHOWTIME,’ just click on ‘Add This.’

  • Now, to complete the process, click on ‘Continue.’

  • By doing so, you will be taken to a Confirmation Page.

  • Just ‘Confirm’ and again click on ‘Continue.’

This way, by following these extremely easy steps, you can find a way on how to add SHOWTIME to Hulu subscription.

Once you are subscribed to Hulu and you have added SHOWTIME to your subscription, you will be able to access all the original shows that are available on SHOWTIME, along with hit movies, and a lot of entertainment right at your home, through your extremely economical Hulu subscription.

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