How to Fix Error 97 SMS Origination Denied Issue?

Sending the SMS is one of the simple and fastest methods for relaying a short message. Even if you’re offline, you can easily send somebody a text message or an SMS in seconds. However, a few users have encountered the error 97 SMS origination denied issue on the Android devices. This error on Android shows that the SMS origination is now denied. When you’re composing your SMS message and press the send button, you’ll then see this error code. It denotes that the SMS can’t be sent.

What Causes The Error 97 SMS Origination Denied Issue?

After getting many reports from different users, we have decided to look into this error and devised a few simple solutions for resolving it completely. Also, we have looked into the different causes because of which this error is actually triggered and listed them below.

  • Corrupt Cache:

Different launch configurations and numerous other data are actually cached by the messages app for decreasing the loading times and for offering a smoother experience. However, over time, such cached data can really get corrupted because of which the issue is being caused.

  • Corrupt Data:

In a few cases, your data from the messages tool may be corrupted because of which the error was being caused. The corrupt data can really slow down the different system processes and stop your messages from being sent.

How Can You Solve This Issue?

Now that you’ve got the basic meaning of the nature of this particular issue, we’ll now be moving on towards the different fixes you can use. Make certain to follow the steps correctly to steer clear of any conflict.

Fix#1: Power Cycle The Android Device

  • First of all, Power off the Android device.
  • After you have shut down your phone, wait for about a minute.
  • Now, hit the power button and reboot the device.

Fix#2: Clear Cache

As mentioned earlier, if your cached data by your messages app has been corrupted, it may stop the messages from being sent. Therefore, in this solution, we’ll just be clearing the cache, which will not remove any of your messages. For that:

  • First, drag the notifications panel down > click settings.


  • Scroll down a little > click Applications.


  • Click Apps > the Messages tool from the shown list.


Note: If you do not see your messaging tool, then simply click on the three dots from the top corner > click the Show System Apps option.

  • Click Storage > click on the Clear Cache option.

storage clear cache

  • Wait for your cache to really be cleared > see if the error 97 SMS origination denied persists.

Fix#3: Clearing Data

  • Go to the Settings menu > click on Applications > Apps.
  • Now click Messages > navigate to the Storage option.
  • Tap on the Clear Data option.

clear data

Fix#4: Enabling Storage From The Messages Application

  • Go to Settings > Applications > open Apps.
  • Navigate to Messages > click on the Permissions option.
  • Search for Storage > simply change the option to Enable.

Fix#5: Force Stopping Your Android Messages Tool

  • Open the Settings menu > go to the Applications > choose Apps.
  • Open the Messages option > Tap on the Force Stop option.
  • Open your Messages tool once again to see if the issue still exists.

That is all! I hope you have found this guide helpful.

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