How To Open Bup Files On Windows 10 Using Player

On a DVD, several types of files are present, namely the BUP files, IFO files, and the VOB file. While the VOB or Video Object File contains the actual movie, the IFO file is an Index file. Its extension is .IFO, and it has all the information about the movie stored in the VOB file. This index file contains information about the time, place, and every other data that may be present on these three files. This file gives information to the player about each scene. It also lets the DVD Player locate audio tracks, subtitles, etc. Therefore, the IFO file is pretty crucial. It can be opened through a compatible video program like Windows Media Player, VLC Media Player, etc.

A BUP file is a backup file on a DVD with a .BUP extension. This file contains all the backup data of the original contents of the IFO file.

If there is malware, or faulty DVD writing, or some physical damage to the DVD, this BUP file can be used to restore all the data.

These files can only open with the help of several software programs or a suitable BUP file player.

Problems with a BUP file player:

  1. Sometimes, a BUP file player is unable to open the BUP file on a certain system or application.

One important reason for this to happen is that the system does not have the proper or suitable application installed to support the BUP file on a DVD.

  1. Another problem due to which a BUP file would not open is that it may have been infected by malware.
  2. One more problem that may hamper the opening of a BUP file is that it has either been copied incorrectly, or its data has become corrupted. Both these problems can result in failure to access the BUP file.
  3. Another problem may occur during downloading a BUP file with its .BUP extension directly from the internet. An error may occur during the procedure which can result in an incomplete download. This incompletely downloaded file will not open, and you will have to download it again.

To combat these problems, you must make follow these steps:

Step #1: Check the status of your software:

  • Check if your software version of the BUP file player is outdated?
  • Install the recent software version.

Step #2: Set the software program as the default BUP file player:

You have to ensure that the software you have just installed is set as the default application to open BUP files. For this, you will have to:

  • Right-click on the BUP file.
  • When a menu drops down, just select ‘Open With.’

  • Now click on ‘Choose another app.’ This will take you to a list.
  • Choose ‘More Apps.’

  • Now select ‘Search for another application on this PC.’

  • With the help of the file browser, just choose the ‘Software installation folder.’
  • After choosing your suitable program, you have to confirm it.

  • Check ‘Always use this application to open BUP files’ and then click OK.

Step #3: Check your antivirus software:

  • To rule out this problem, you will have to ensure that a suitable and updated antivirus program is installed on your computer.

On Windows, how to open a BUP file?

To open a BUP file on Windows Operating System, you will have to take the following steps:

  • This should open the BUP file if the BAK reading software which is associated with the file is installed properly.
  • If the file does not open and it is a backup of an IFO file from a DVD, then you can try downloading a suitable and compatible media player program to open it.
  • If you want to open the full backup of the DVD, it should open in a media player like VLC Player by clicking on the IFO file.
  • If the BUP file still does not open on the VLC player, then you should try downloading another software like CyberLink PowerDVD.

Remember that a BUP file is not encrypted like an IFO file.

They store all the data of the IFO file along with the information of the user. The .BUP extension adds to the existing file name after the original extension. So, it is important to delete this BUP extension to open the file with its suitable associated program.

Programs supporting the BUP file extension on Windows:

The following software programs can be used to open a BUP file on Windows:

  • Nero ShowTime.
  • PowerDVD
  • Corel WinDVD
  • For Windows earlier than Windows 8, the software program that can open a BUP file is Windows DVD Maker.

Programs supporting the BUP file extension on Mac Operating System:

For macOS, the following programs can be an appropriate BUP file player:

  • Apple DVD Studio Pro
  • Roxio Popcorn

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