Fix Attempted Switch from DPC Windows 10, 7, 8

From time to time, you will experience that your Windows 10 has experienced the Blue screen of death (BSoD) errors which are pretty standard. We will discuss another error right here with you, and it is about the BSoD error. This error is about the attempted switch from DPC Windows 10 crash. You will experience this whole error processing during the boot-up processing of the Windows operating system. On top of your PC screen, you will witness the error message, which is “Your PC has run into a problem, and it needs to get restart…Stop code: ATTEMPTED_SWITCH_FROM_DPC”.

Attempted Switch from DPC

Besides, you will often experience this death error taking place in Windows 7 and 8. We even call it by the name of STOP 0x100000B8.

Hence this error is triggered by the DPC, which is short for the delayed procedure call. It, therefore, attempts to perform any illegal operation. As the kernel has detected the hung condition, DPC will be straight triggered and will make a small call for interrupting or even terminating the whole software. This usually means that the DPC routine will execute the yield, attach the process, or wait for the operation. 

This will happen eventually because of the attempted switch from DPC fundamental error. This is often including faulty memory or the virus as well as a malware attack. Plus, this might even revolve around the incompatible software or the damaged device driver and hardware driver conflicting with another system.

As it might be annoying for some people, you must have it fixed before it damages your whole system. Below, we will discuss some of the methods you can use to fix this attempted switch from DPC error of stop code blue screen.

Important Fixes for Attempted Switch from DPC Windows 10

Well, you can have this attempted switch from DPC error of blue screen gets resolved quickly as soon as you reboot your PC system. But it might even appear from now and then. This is the moment when you should think about performing some other fixes instantly. If you believe that PC has wholly failed to boot quickly, then WinRE and Safe Mode are the two best approaches left by your side. 

Method no 1: Scanning your PC Memory for Attempted Switch from DPC Windows 8.1

One of the significant reasons for facing the attempted switch from DPC is because the PC RAM or the memory has been completely damaged. The best solution would be to check the RAM level to figure out whether it is functioning at its best or not. Follow the steps below to get an idea about it:

  1. If you have Windows 10, you can hence visit the option of Control Panel and then click the option of Administrative Tools. After it, you have to choose Windows Memory Diagnostic. You do have the choice where you can even type the memory diagnostic into the search bar and then have this tool open in front of you.
  2. In the second step, you will be all given two options, out of which you have to choose the first one. After selecting one option, you have to restart the system and then check for the required problems, if any. Make sure you save all your work in advance; otherwise, it will be all lost.
  3. Finally, you have to restart your PC and then check out the memory diagnostic tool, which performs the entire operation. 

This whole attempted switch from dpc windows 10 process will probably take some of your time to show successful results. Once you are done with the process, the Window will reboot itself automatically and make its way back to the desktop. As soon as you logged into the new Windows, the results will appear in front of you. To check your results manually, you have to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. First of all, press the Win + R on the keyboard and then type eventvwr.msc in the box of the Run window and then click OK.
  2. Now on the left pane side, you have to choose the option of Windows Logs > System and then click the option of Find on the section of the right pane.
  3. If any errors appear in front of you, it is better to replace the RAM because this is a sign of weak RAM. But if no such error occurs, then it is clear that your RAM and its memory are excellent, and there is no need for the replacement.

Method no 2: Updating the Device Drivers for Attempted Switch from DPC

It might be possible that the error of the blue screen will often take place due to faulty or incompatible device drivers. This error can often take place due to the conflict which is happening between more than two drivers. 

If you want to prevent the stop code error of ATTEMPTED_SWITCH_FROM_DPC in Windows 10, it is essential to be clear that all the devices should remain correct drivers, and you should also update all your old drivers. 

To perform this fix, you have two different ways to try upon. The first approach would be to use professional driver updating tools such as Driver Booster or Driver Easy. These tools will help you detect the correct set of drivers, which you can download or install on your PC system. This approach would be relatively less intricate and time-consuming because there is no need to install all the drivers on the devices.

For an easy installation of the latest drivers, you can straightaway visit the official website of the hardware devices installed on the PC. This is not just time-consuming but even easy to handle.

Method no 3: Running Malware Scan or Virus for BSOD Attempted Switch from DPC

Another primary reason for facing the error in your Windows10 is either the virus infection or the malware attack. If your PC has been impacted, then it is all due to some of the corrupted central Windows system files, leading to the issue of error of blue screen issue. In the Windows 10 system, you have to open the Windows Defender for running a scanning of the entire system.

  1. Firstly just open the main setting and then choosing the option of Update & Security.
  2. Now visit the Windows Defender > Open Windows Defender Security Center.
  3. Choose the option of Virus & threat protection & advanced scan.
  4. Now choose the option of full scan and then click the button of Scan Now. You can often determine the Windows Defender Offline for removing the access of malicious software.

Furthermore, you can often run with third-party antivirus software, including Malwarebytes or Avast, for running a full system scan for your PC system.

Method no 4: Performing the Registry Scan

Talking about the Windows Registry, it is known to be the central element of the PC operating system. If there are any issues, then the stop code attempt will take place in Windows 10. Here we have a method for you with which you can fix the problem of broken registry items. It is always recommended that you should be scanning and then repairing the registry later on. For performing this method, you can use the CCleaner for quickly checking the broken registry of all items and then fix them.

  1. First of all, download the tool of registry repair and then install it.
  2. Now choose the option of the registry and then investigate all essential items.
  3. Click the option of “scan” for various issues and then click the option of Fix for the selected issues once the scanning is all finished.

Method no 5: Performing a System Restore

If you already created the system restore point, you should be using it to restore the system for the previous condition to fix the Windows 10 ATTEMPTED_SWITCH_FROM_DPC.

  1. First of all, you have to create the restore point inside the search box.
  2. Now click the option of System Restore inside the System Protection tab.
  3. Next, click on the option of the restore point and then confirm your restoration operation. Once you are done, click the option “Finish”. This is how the Windows will start to restore all over again.

Method no 6: Resetting or Reinstalling the Windows 10

The last and final solution would be to reinstall or reset the system of Windows 10. If any of the above discussed solutions do not work for you, then heading to this method is the best alternative for you. 

  1. Visit the option of Settings > Update & Security.
  2. Now you have to navigate to the option of Recovery tab and then click the option of “Get started” to reset your PC.
  3. Now you have to choose the option for the PC resetting. Make sure you save your data to protect it from loss.
  4. To finish the whole operation, follow the instructions carefully. 


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