Quickly Fix Amazon Fire Stick Keeps Losing Internet Connection

Don’t you get frustrated it when the streaming session is suddenly interrupted? Despite being a well-liked platform for amazing entertainment content, Amazon Fire television isn’t immune to issues; one such issue that you’re likely to come across when streaming the programs is the regular internet connection loss. So, what can you carry out when that occurs? Well, while the problem can be maddening, the great news is that it can easily be resolved. In fact, a few of the fixes are easy and will just take some minutes. The following is a look at a few of such solutions.

What Causes The Amazon Fire Stick Keeps Losing Internet Connection?

There’re many potential triggers behind the Amazon fire stick keeps losing internet connection issue, but the most well-known ones are:

  • The Fire Stick may keep losing the internet connection if your Wifi reception in the region is weak.
  • Once the program gets old, a lot of glitches/bugs hinder the device’s functionality; however, these are frequently addressed in the newest versions launched by Amazon, and it’s suggested to make certain that the program is up to date.

Try These Fixes:

Fix#1: Checking That The Internet Connection Is Functioning

One of the amazing places to begin when Amazon FireStick starts losing the network connection is the network. At times, the internet connection may have problems on the Internet Service Provider side, thus directing to the constant disconnection of Wi-Fi by the Amazon Fire television stick. You can learn whether the connection is fine by simply running the incorporated troubleshooting feature in the system. If the network is fine, you can go on to the next fixes. If not, you can either wait or switch to some other network connection.

Fix#2: Decreasing The Distance Between The Firestick And Wifi Device

The Wifi device may be too far from your FireStick, which causes the weak signals, and the weak signal strength may really be the cause behind the frequent internet connection loss. For overcoming this problem, reduce the distance between the FireStick and the wifi router and put them closer for receiving the best signals. You can also utilize Wifi boosters for fixing the signal strength problems.

Fix#3: Changing The Router’s Wi-Fi Band Setting

If the router can support both 2.4 and five GHz, you’ll obtain the best streaming experience by simply switching to the bandwidths that are more than 2.4 GHz. That’s also useful if you’re utilizing several devices on the network. For doing so:

  • Open the browser and enter the default gateway address of your router. You ought to locate this address at the rear of the router.
  • Type in the default password and username.
  • Once you have signed in, navigate to the Network Settings.
  • Choose the wireless network.
  • Navigate to mode > simply change from 802.11 b/g/n mixed to the 802.11n.
  • Then simply save the changes.

You can now connect the FireStick again to your internet and retry streaming.

Fix#4: Restarting The Router

The router is also prone to software glitches and bugs, which can be the reason for the errors. A few of the issues that such glitches and bugs can reason comprise being connected to the Wi-Fi but having zilch internet. Another example is where the Firestick would not connect to the Wi-Fi. Fortunately, an easy restart can resolve the problem.

For restarting the router, press the button for a hard reset that can be located on the rear panel. You can also manually restart it by simply unplugging it from its power outlet (while it’s on), waiting about thirty secs, then plugging it on again. Each of such fixes reboots your router, which can resolve any minor glitches and bugs that can be reasoning the connection problems.

Fix#5: Changing The IP Settings

Changing the IP address of your device can also assist in getting rid of such connection problems. You can reset your IP of the TV by following these simple steps:

  • First, navigate to the menu of the TV > choose the network, utilizing your remote.
  • From the network, simply navigate to the network status with the assistance of the remote.
  • Wait for a little while the three buttons emerge at the end of your window, select IP settings.
  • From the IP settings window, simply click the DNS setting option > click on the enter manually option.
  • Enter the needed IP address > hit ok and wait for some secs till your connection is established with your internet.
  • See if the Firestick is still losing the internet connection or not.

Fix#6: Resetting Your TV

You can always give your TV a reset to see if the trigger behind this error is related to some bug with its program. For resetting your TV, follow the below guide:

  • Remove your FireStick from the TV.
  • Then, open the main menu of the television > navigate to the settings.
  • From the menu, choose the Reset option. Wait for a little, until your TV is resetting.
  • Insert the stick into your TV again and see if the problem still persists.

Fix#7: Rebooting Your Firestick

At times, the connectivity problem can also be fixed by rebooting the Amazon Firestick, as rebooting any device will get rid of most of the problems and will get the device in better functioning condition. You can reboot your FireStick by following this simple guide:

  • Navigate to the settings of your FireStick; you can find the settings button at the top corner of its main page.
  • With the assistance of the navigation keys, choose my fire TV from its settings screen.


  • Choose the restart from your device window for rebooting your FireStick.

firetv restart

  • Click the restart button in the dialog box for rebooting your FireStick.

Fix#8: Updating Your Firestick

Utilizing the older version of your FireStick may be reasoning the frequent loss of internet. As your FireStick works great with the newest version, therefore, it’s needed to update it regularly. For updating the FireStick, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the settings from the main window of your FireStick.


  • The drop-down menu will emerge; choose my fire television from the menu.


  • Choose the About option from the next menu.
  • Check for the system update will emerge, choose it.

system update

  • If any update is accessible, update the FireStick and wait for a little time till it’s updating your FireStick.
  • Reopen your FireStick after the completion of such updates.
  • Check if the issue still exists or not.


Are you facing the constant loss of internet connection on the Amazon Firestick? Or are you connected but with issues that make it really difficult to stream? As the users of the Amazon Firestick, these are a few common problems you may come across, but they’re still extremely frustrating. Fortunately, the fixes as mentioned above can assist you in troubleshooting and resolving the Amazon fire stick keeps losing internet connection problem, thus assuring you a stress-free experience of streaming entertainment content.

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