How To Fix The Amazon Fire Stick Critically Low On Storage Issue

The Amazon Fire Stick is an excellent device to download applications and stream music and shows. However, like any other storage device, it also has some limitations. A lot of users received the amazon fire stick critically low on storage message, albeit they cleared the data and cache. The next day, it is full once again. Also, the storage needs of the programs are really small to fill up the complete device. It’s a main cause for the users, and today we’ll show you what you can carry out to get your storage memory back in your Amazon Fire Stick.

How Can You Check The Fire Stick Storage?

  • First of all, go to the Fire Stick Storage menu > choose My Fire TV Stick.

  • Next, choose About > Storage.

  • Check the pane on your right side of your screen for checking the storage info of your device.

Below the indicator, you ought to see how much of your Fire Stick’s storage is accessible for use. Now, let’s check you to free up some space on the Fire Stick if it gets low/full.

How Can You Resolve The Critically Low On Storage Issue On Amazon Fire TV?

There are quite a few methods of freeing up storage on the Fire TV Stick. Check out the following ways:

Uninstalling Some Unused Applications:

Apps you install from the Amazon application store can really occupy a large portion of the storage of your Fire TV Stick. If the Fire Stick is getting low/full on storage, you ought to uninstall programs that you hardly use. You ought to also look out for the tools that you’ve never utilized and uninstall them right away.


Clearing App Data & Cache:

As you utilize the apps of Fire TV Stick, they create background cache files and other data that fill up the storage of your device. You ought to contemplate clearing up the application’s data and cache if you desire to free up storage but do not desire to uninstall the tool. Before proceeding, you ought to note that clearing the application data will factory reset your program, i.e., return the tool to the condition it was when you first installed it. That denotes you’ll lose your account information, personalization, saved passwords, and custom settings, etc. Clearing cache, conversely, will just remove the temporary and rather insignificant data of the app.

Resetting The Fire TV Stick:

If you come across the critically low on storage message, you have to reset your Amazon Fire Stick. Here is how you can do so:

  • First of all, navigate to the Settings on the Fire Stick home screen.

  • Then, navigate to the right and choose System.

  • Scroll down to locate and select the Reset to Factory Defaults option.

  • You’ll then be warned with a message.
  • Click Reset.

Remember that this technique will remove all the data from the device. So make a backup for keeping the important information safe.

Check The Profiles & Version Of The Amazon Fire Stick:

So, as you can see, the only safe method for resolving the problem is to reset your Amazon Fire Stick simply. However, not all individuals desire to lose their apps and data. If you do not desire to reset to default, check if the device has got more than one profile. Leave just one profile and check if you resolved the issue. Also, the device might be old, and its storage is limited for today’s apps data. In such a case, purchase a more recent Amazon Fire Stick version. If nothing helps, proceed and call the Amazon support service for a more detailed solution. The issue may need a more technical fix.

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